Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Slim Pasta Spaghetti and Fettuccine VS Zero Noodles + Review

Hi guys!

As you might know, I like trying out new things, so when I came across Zero Noodles last year, I needed to try them of course.  They originate from Japan and are made from a root plant called the Konjac plant. They are organic, fat, sugar, wheat, gluten and soy free and contain only 10 calories per pack (200g).

When you open the packet, the 1st thing you'll notice is a fishy smell, but the noodles don't taste fishy at all. I didn't like them at first because they feel a bit rubbery in the mouth. I thought that I would grow to love them, but it never happened..

I was at Holland & Barrett in Fgura last week and I came across Slim Pasta and decided to give them a try to see if they're better than Zero Noodles. They are slightly higher in calories - 7.7 per 100 g, but OMG they are amazing!! They are thicker than the Zero Noodles and taste amazingly like real pasta!! Plus, no fishy smell when you open the packet!! They have a wide variety of options : Spaghetti, penne, rice, fettuccine and noodles. I've tried the spaghetti and fettuccine and absolutely loved them! I also noticed that they are much more filling than the Zero Noodles!

I ate my Slim Pasta spaghetti with Quorn Mince and tomatoes - yummy
Have you ever tried any of them? What did you think?



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