Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Beauty Chronicles: Moisturisers


Hey there babes!  In this post, I’m going to talk about moisturizers!

As you have read from the previous posts, it’s very important to cleanse and tone daily. If not morning and night, then try to make it crucial to do it before you sleep (so you sleep with clean face because skin renews and regenerates at night).
After you tone your face, it’s then important to moisturize your face, neck and décolleté with the appropriate moisturiser to your skin type.   In the morning, it’s important to apply sunscreen as well (all year round).
Why are moisturisers important?    Due to the environment (sun/wind etc), air conditioning, and other factors, our skin is constantly losing its natural moisture. Therefore, moisturizers help it stay smooth and supple. Also, our skin looses sebum low as it ages, so to prevent future moisture loss, the use of a moisturizer is necessary.

Moisturisers come in the form of creams from thick to light and fluffy, or very light. As a general rule, remember: The drier the skin and its environment, the richer the moisturiser. Below, I am going to describe 2 types of moisturizers: Creams (thick) and milk (light):

Moisturising creams:

Creams contain approximately 60% water. Their relatively high proportion of oil or wax prevents natural moisture escaping from the deeper layer of the skin.

Uses:  Moisturising creams are recommended particularly for people with dry skin.

Moisturising milk:

These have a more fluid consistency because of their higher water content (about 85%).

Uses: Moisturising milks have a lighter texture than creams and soak quickly. They are preferred by who doesn’t want a greasy film left on the skin and for a more normal/combination skin.

Some may ask; is it necessary to use a night cream?  A night cream is not necessary before the mid-twenties. They are basically rich moisturizers to balance and refine skin texture and help fight the signs of ageing.
The neck and eyes do, in fact show signs of ageing earlier than other areas, because the tissues are finer and more delicate and there are no sebaceous glands to provide natural lubrication.

I hope you found this post useful! Please comment!

Denise o.bo. The Fabulous Team xoxo

Denise’s review:

I am currently using Olay complete care daily UV fluid in the morning, am definitely will not be changing it anytime soon. I have reviewed this in the previous post about primers.

At night, I am currently using Vichy Aqua Thermal. It’s a fortifying and soothing hour hydrating serum. It’s the first time that I’m using a serum and I am definitely no disappointed, although it’s a bit expensive (approx. €20.00). My skin is dry in the winter, and this serum is so light, absorbs quickly and smooth out my skin nicely. I'm also glad that this hydrating serum did not break me out! Will definitely buy this again, but will pair it up with an Olay night cream.

Martina’s Review

I have used mainly two types of moisturisers over the past years which were the Effaclar M by La Roche Posay and Brevoxyl which was a medicated night cleanser.

These two moisturisers as per the previous Cleansers post were both prescribed to me by my dermatologist a while back and I kept on using them even with the Babor Cleansers.

Both Moisturisers are very good and effective when it comes to clearing spots, Efflaclar is gentler whilst Brevoxyl is quite strong and medicated and this might be one of the reasons why my skin was drying up.

Until recently I was still using both moisturisers Effaclar in the morning and Brevoxyl in the evening. Upon recommencing Cetaphil as a cleanser I decided to start using Effaclar both morning and evening. Up till now I am getting good results, the only down side is that in the morning Effaclar tends to make my face feel oiler (not in a bad way) and makes my face shiny.

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