Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A tribute to my best friend- The Accessory Queen!

Hey Guys,

Check out our newest post on; A Tribute to my best friend, The Accessory Queen!

I really enjoyed writing this post, since it is a bit personal and about one of our greatest fans and one of my bestest friends!

I won't name her because I know she will probably disown me :p but she knows who she is so it's enough!

Enjoy :)

Martina XOXO

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Diet Diaries- Update 1- Let's Do This!!

Hey Guys,

So, around two weeks ago, I wrote a particular post on a lifestyle change (*cough, cough* diet).

Need a little reminder? Check out my last post here:

Today, I will be telling you about my first update and progress from two weeks ago! I am actually writing this on Monday (yesterday) and will only update my measurements and my reaction tomorrow (today). The reason being is that I will have an unbiased view.

I cannot say that these two weeks were easy, however, I cracked the code to this diet... it's all about preparation. Knowing what you will eat and planning for the next day, will help you stick to your goals, big time!

Since I am going to a nutritionist, I obviously have a restricted diet, however, I could indulge in certain "sins" everyday, depending on my mood.

Apart from that, I am not starving, actually I am constantly eating, since this diet requires that I eat regular healthy snacks so I'm always satisfied at the end of the day! :)

Another thing I have learnt is that my fuss over not wanting to eat vegetables is not that bad, I am actually eating healthier and my food is tasting ten times better, no joke!

I am already feeling much better about myself, I am feeling better not only psychically but also emotionally since I am feeling very good with myself that I have managed to stick to my goals! My beautician also commented that my skin is looking much much better and very hydrated compared to before!

I'm quite anxious to see if my hard work paid off, I personally think it did, well I hope it did!

For now I will share some healthy snacks, lunch and dinner choices in order to give you some inspiration for your healthy options! :) I am regularly sharing photos on my Instagram account, so follow me on my journey daily:

Day 1- Dinner on the Go- 2 whole meal pieces of bread filled with Chicken Breast and Gbejna Bajda + 2 Rice Cakes
Day 2- Lunch- Shrimp and Salmon Salad
Day 3- Dinner- I ate Caesar Salad whilst my boyfriend ate a Pizza
Day 4- Lunch- I had a number of grilled veggies with a piece of pork and a side of fruit salad
Day 4- Dinner- Got original with a Chicken Omelet on a bed of Lettuce
Day 5- Snack- Apples dipped in Yogurt
Day 5- Dinner- These Chicken strips are my new best friend, so easy and fast to prepare!

Day 6- Lunch- Another creative omelet, this time with prawns!
Day 7- Dinner- Since my mum cooked a Meat Pie and I cannot take pastry, I just put the meat on a bed of lettuce and gave the pastry to my mum :-D
Day 9- Lunch- Salads never looked this good! 
Day 11- Lunch- A creative Prawn and Egg Club Sandwich 
So... I bid you adieu for tonight (Monday 25th)....

I have been to the nutritionist this morning and I am very pleased that I have managed to follow the diet correctly!! For the next two weeks my diet has changed slightly but still very easy to follow!!

So, I know what you're thinking... did I loose any weight?? See below to find out ;-)

The answer is YES!! I have lost around 2 and a half kilos and 2 and a half inches off my hips and half an inch on my lower hips!! *Cue Happy Dance!*

The past two weeks were definitely worth it! The moment I set my eyes on that weighing scale and inch tape, it was worth all my sacrifices!!

Stay tuned for my next update in 2 weeks!

Martina XOXO

o.b.o The Fabulous Team

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tried and Tested: Make Up Store Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Hi Guys,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Today I will be showing you and reviewing my Make Up Store Lipsticks!

I have three lipsticks from Make Up Store; China Red, Magic and Magic Spell.

Check out this video below!

I was immediately drawn to these lipsticks, not only do they have a number of colours which are bang on trend but they have quite a variety of lipsticks to choose from.

All three lipsticks come in a sleek black packaging with Make Up Store written all over them and they contain 4.0 g / 0.14 oz except the Magic lipstick which contains 2.5g/ 0.12 oz.

China Red and Magic Spell are both matt lipsticks whilst Magic is a metallic lipstick.

All three lipsticks are very easy to work with and can be applied very easily. They are creamy in texture and moisturize the lips.

China Red: China Red is a very lovely Red lipstick which after seeing it on three different skin tones, I think that this is probably one of the best Red Lipsticks which can suit anyone! This colours is also impressive since it lasts all day! I have worn this lipstick all day on Christmas Day and I did not need to re apply it!
Make Up Store Lipstick- China Red
Magic: I have bought this lipstick after seeing it in one of the 'M' Magazines. I fell in love with the deep burgundy tone the lipstick had to it. On the photo however it looked more red, however, in reality it has more purple tones. Since I wear this shade during the night, I can only assess it's longevity on a few hours. I have been out quite a number of times and worn this lipstick and after eating and drinking, I do remain with a stain, however, it is not as long lasting as China Red.
Make Up Store Lipstick- Magic
Magic Spell: This colour is by far one of the most daring colours I have in my lipstick collection! I bought this lipstick since it intrigued me from the moment I set my eyes on the Spellbound collection! If you recall, I have also done a make up tutorial using this colour:
Like the Magic Lisptick, I wear this colour mostly during the night, again this does remain with a stain, however, not as visible as the Magic lipstick, therefore I would need to re apply it.
Make Up Store- Magic Spell
In all, these lipsticks are really great, especially the China Red lipstick! The only thing which might put buyers off is that they are more expensive than other lipsticks- they cost 13.99 euro, however, for the quality of the product, they are worth their price!

I encourage you to obtain a Club Member card, not only do you get 5% off each purchase, but you get invites to special events such as sales.

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Martina XOXO

o.b.o The Fabulous Team

*Disclaimer*- I have bought the mentioned products myself and was not paid to write this review. I am in no way affiliated with the brand.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fabulous Layout!

Hey Guys,

As you may have noticed, during this past week we have re-vamped our blog!

A big Big BIG THANK YOU to Stefy Puglisevich who has helped us in our blog layout, also a big thank you for the photo editing, we really appreciate!! Thank you also goes to Lara from Boffism who took our photo a few months ago :)

We hope you like this new layout!

The Fabulous Team XOXO

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pins of the Week- 22/03/13

Hey Guys!

It's officially Spring YAY!!

Check out our full Pins of the Week here:

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Not a wearable look but loving this spring vibe!
Those lips <3
I need to get one of these head bands!!
Definitely trying this out!
Awesome nail idea!
Another great nail idea!
I am in lust with this dress!
Just Beautiful!
Some great tips for our fair readers!
And the Award for best Pin of the week goes to...

Awesome idea- Click on the photo to go directly to the tutorial!
The Fabulous Team XOXO

Thursday, March 21, 2013

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Haul: Pupa Milano Magnetic Nail Art Kit

Hi Guys,

Today I will be showing you my latest purchase!

I am on a somewhat make up ban (or so my boyfriend thinks :-p), however, I have been meaning to buy magnetic nail polish since they hit the beauty industry!!

I have been hearing a lot of good things about the Pupa nail polishes so when I visited my local pharmacy, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Magnetic Nail Art Kit in Silver and Red! I decided to go with silver since I don't have a silver nail polish in my nail collection and I just loved the effect shown in the product photo!

This kit comes in 9 colours namely; Khaki, Brown, Orange, Red, Purple, Silver, Black, Green and Blue.

Apart from the nail polish, this kit includes two magnets, one for horizontal stripes and the other for diagonal stripes!

I will soon test out this product! Stay tuned for a review in the coming weeks!

Martina XOXO

o.b.o The Fabulous Team

*DISCLAIMER*- I have bought this product myself. I am in no way affiliated with the brand mentoined. I was not paid to write this haul.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tv Time: Once Upon a Time

Hi Guys!

I hope you are having a lovely holiday!!

As you know, we have been looking at the various style and make up choices of the Once Upon a Time characters!

As a refresher, see our previous posts on:

As you know, we are now contributors to an awesome new local portal dedicated to women-, where we will be continuing publishing these posts on there! So head on to eve to check out our third installment!

The Fabulous Team XOXO

Monday, March 18, 2013

Tried and Tested- Wjcon Corrective Concealer for Redness

Hey Guys,

As you know, around a week ago I visited the Wjcon Make Up Store with fellow blogger Stefy!

Today I will be reviewing the Wjcon Corrective Primer which counteracts redness.
Wjcon Corrective Primer
Check out my video below to see how effective this primer, I test out the primer on camera so that you can see how the primer works against redness!

This product comes in a plastic tube which contains 30 ml of product. The product costs 9.90 euro which is quite worth it for the amount of product you get. Also, compared to other brands which produce green primers, this primer is quite affordable!

The consistency of this product is of a liquid consistency and it looks and smells like a moisturizer. Since this product reduces redness, it is green however this becomes transparent after blending. I usually apply it with my e.l.f Powder Brush since it easier to work it in with it, however, you can opt to use your hands and apply it like a moisturizer.

As a primer, I have noticed that it does smoothen my face and my pores are not visible.

I have used this primer with three foundations namely: Revlon Photoready Foundation, Inglot YSM Foundation, essence Pure Skin Tinted Moisturizer. As you can also see from the video and photos below, this primer does a big difference.When I apply the foundation without the primer I usually need to apply concealer, however, I can go without a concealer when applying this primer as a base.

Before: No Make Up
After: With Wjcon Primer + Revlon Photo Ready Foundation
In order to test out this product, I spent a whole week wearing this primer everyday with the different foundations. Since I have quite long days, I was able to test out how long this product keeps my foundation in place. Usually without a primer, both foundations and tinted moisturizer usually stay put till around lunch time, however, with the primer applied below, my tinted moisturizer stayed till around 2 pm whilst my Inglot foundation stayed put till around 3 pm. The best foundation which stayed on the longest was the Revlon Photoready foundation which stayed put till around 5 pm with a bit of oil on my T-Zone.

If you do not suffer from redness there are 3 other primers which you can opt for:

  • Illuminator- This can be used to highlight the face
  • Purple- This is used for yellow and discoloration
  • Peach- Used for dark circles
If you do not wish to buy the full product, you can opt to buy a tube which can be used as a concealer. 

The only downfall about this product is that the product information is written in Italian which will might be a problem for people who do not understand Italian, however, after browsing their website, I have found information in English.

All in all I really love this product and definitely recommend it to anyone who suffers from redness!

Martina XOXO

*DISCLAIMER*: I have bought this product myself. I am in no way affiliated with the brand or any other brands mentioned. I was not paid to write this review.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Idol, Jessie J

Hi Guys,

Today I dedicate my post to one of my favourite singers and idol, Jessie J!

I absolutely love her songs, not only because she has a magnificent voice, but the message that she puts across in her songs, such as Price Tag, are very inspiring!

My appreciation for Jessie J actually came about after I watched this Pixiwoo video where I learnt that Jessie J actually does her own Make Up. (*Fan Girl Level Activated!*)

Anyway, if you follow Jessie J on Facebook or any other Social Media etc, you would know that she was taking part in the Red Nose Day challenge, where many celebrities have come together to raise money for charity by doing a Dare.

The Dare Jessie did was something I admire her for greatly. I already had great respect for this lady however, after this selfless deed, I can truly say that she is my idol! Watch this video below to see what I'm speaking about!

Well Done Jessie, you have such a great heart! It's amazing how great she looks without any hair!

Who's your idol?

Martina XOXO

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pins of the Week- 15/03/2013

It's Fridayyyyyy......

You know what that means?!?!

Pins of the Week!!

This week it's all about Spring!! 

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Because Martina is obsessing over Green Make Up!
Pastel Nails <3
Loving the colour!
Because Denise just loves Kim K and her hair!
Chic hair tutorial!
Loving this earthy combination!
Lust <3
Great chart!
This is on Martina's Wish List!
That's all folks!

The Fabulous Team XOXO