Monday, September 30, 2013

Fabulous Focus: Firecrafted Hand Made Jewellery

Hey Guys!!

I hope you are all doing well!!

I know I have been MIA for a while... but I'm back and with a BANG!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know how much I support local talent so when the lovely Silvana from Firecrafted contacted me about her new venture, an online website,, I was immediately curious to see what Firecrafted is all about!

Screen Shot from the new website

Silvana started off initially by designing beaded jewellery, however, went on to explore precious metal clay which enable her to experiment with a number of different designs in fine silver, bronze and other metals. Apart from these precious metals, she also incorporates other material such as semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls or Swarovski elements.

She is currently pursuing a diploma in Silver Meal Clay with the Mid-Cornwall School of Jewellery.

Check out some more information regarding the various metals she uses here: 

Silvana Mallia- Photo Credit: Firecrafted website
Silvana's designs are inspired by the Maltese culture, nature and the sea, elements which are clearly visible from her collections.

Firecrafted Collections
You can find a number of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Here are a few items which tickled my fancy!

Round Bronze Pendant Necklace
This Round Bronze Pendant Necklace is from the Etruria collection, a collection inspired by the ancient Etruscan artisans.
Bronze & Silver Bracelet
Two of my favourite metals combined together to form this unique bracelet.

Silver Disc Earrings
Two of my favourite things combined, earrings and Summer! These fabulous earrings are from the Colours of Summer collection.

Sunflower Lace Ring
When you normally think of lace, you think of clothing, however, this Sunflower Lace Ring part of the Bizzilla collection incorporates the lace detail on jewellery as the whole Bizzilla Collection which is inspired by our culture.

As a celebration of the launch of this fantastic site, Silvana is giving away a 50 euro voucher to anyone who subscribes to her eflyer. Apart from this fantastic prize, readers of All Things Fabulous will receive a 10% discount on their purchase when using the code fircftd10

I hope you enjoyed this post! I highly encourage you to visit Silvana's new website!!

Martina XOXO

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Diet Diaries- Update 13- Let's Do This!

Hey Guys,

Hope you are all doing well.

Another two weeks have passed by so quickly.. I had so much on my mind that I literally breezed through these two weeks

If you haven't caught up with my last post, you can do it here:

If you're new to this blog... welcome! You can see my whole journey here: 

I am going to be very honest with you and I am going to keep this part short and simple. I fell off the wagon a couple of times by eating junk (ok maybe not full on junk) and missing meals or eating too little!

I took a few photos of my food choices, however, I didn't take too many photos because even my food choices are experiencing a rut... I have no motivation to stay preparing food what so ever! I have an inkling that I probably stayed the same weight or worse... gained weight! We'll just wait and see! Till tomorrow!

Mini oreos
Love this yogurt!
Treat for my boyfriend, brother and his gf! Chicken filled with goat's cheese wrapped in Parma Ham
Pasta Salad
I love Ricotta!
Chicken and Veg!
Chicken Salad
My colleague's Birthday Cake
So, have my sins got the best of me?

I'm quite ashamed to say this.. but yes it has...second time during this whole process! Funnily enough, I kept shedding the inches, quite funny!

I'm quite disappointed with myself since I only have 4 kilos to go and I'm being naughty... I think it has to do with missing out on all the summer treats such as bbqs, ice creams etc etc which got me sinning a bit since I do feel I missed out on summer! 

I do these updates and try and be as honest as I could to show you that although I have been dieting and have shed a lot of weight, it is extremely hard to get to your target but will power and perseverance will get you through it.

At the end of the day, I was the type of person who used to look at people who shed a lot of weight and envy the fact that they managed. After this whole journey, I realised that the only problem with not succeeding was my mind set. 

By changing your perspective to ultimately wanting to get healthier and not have a deadline till when you want to lose weight, I find that it helped me out much more than when I had to diet for a particular event.

As usual, I am always available for any help/ advice, don't hesitate to contact me!

Martina XOXO

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Monday, September 16, 2013

OOTD- It will get better!

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all doing well.

Last Saturday I was invited to attend the Marks and Spencer A/W 2013 Launch fashion show. Knowing my luck, I planned to go to the 1 pm show, however I woke up early feeling very sick, took some medicine and slept again, and ended up going late to the show and missed the last one :(

However, I had planned to meet Marija from all.things. lady and Dorianne from askdorianne so we took the opportunity to visit one of my favourite stores, Make Up Store to buy some make up for my mum and have a little chat.

As luck would have it... I nearly fainted at Make Up Store. Thank God for the staff who quickly acted and took great care of me together with Marija and Dorianne. I am writing all this since I wanted to show my appreciation to them all. If it weren't for all of them, I would have ended up face flat on the floor and probably wouldn't have had the energy to drive back home. Thank you very much for taking good care of me.

If you recall from my last OOTD, I mentioned that I have not been going through a good time at the moment. One of the reasons is that my health is not at its 100% best. It is nothing big in fact, I found out that what I have is quite normal, however, there are certain times when I can be under the weather, point in case, last Saturday. At the moment, I am not comfortable with sharing what I have exactly here, some things are meant to be kept private... I have no problem telling people face to face, however, I would rather keep it like that! 

Anyways, enough of this negativity! Check out the outfit I wore last Saturday! 

H & M Divided Black Sheer  Back Peep hole Shirt
Lily White Polka Dot Shorts bought from TK Maxx
New Look Green Statement Necklace
Tally Weijl Quilted Bag
Bata Sandals
New Look Sunglasses

Hope you enjoyed this look!

Martina XOXO

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fabulous Events- Dean Gera Salon Opening in collaboration with Make Up Store

Hey Guys!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Earlier this week, I was invited to a new hair salon which has just opened it's doors at The Point in Sliema, in collaboration with one of my favourite stores and brands Make Up Store!

We had the opportunity to go round the salon and see the products and set up of the store.

The store has a sleek black set up making the store look chic and classy. The store hosts a number of big brands such as ghd, Schwrazkopf and True Keratin.

The salon offers a number of services from cuts to colour, you can find any kind of service here.

Photo Credit- Dean Gera Facebook Page

After getting your hair done, you can step into Make Up Store and get your make up done by one of the make up artists or choose what make up you want to apply!

Check out the photos I took of some of the latest collections, permanent collection and sale items.

Punk Collection Nail Art
The Punk Collection
New Slim Lipstick
The Jelly Collection

I got the opportunity to hang out with some of the loveliest bloggers around!

Lorraine and I
Marija and Kylie
Special Guest- Antoine (Marija's Boyfriend)
Decided to play around with Lorraine's photo in photoshop :-p
Sending some loving to my lovely bloggers:

  • Reb- Island of Make Believe-
  • Sarah Jane- Make Up By Sarah- Jane- 
  • Dorianne- Ask Dorianne-
  • Kylie- Passion to Beauty-
  • Lorraine- Lola Loves Sparkles-
  • Marija- all.things.lady-
  • Steph- Think Love Make Up-
  • Lara- Every Beauty Addict's Bible-
  • Marija- Pocalocca-
  • Elle- Beauty She Wrote-

  • I also got a lovely goodie bag filled with a number of hair and skin care sample products together with information about the services at both stores and an eyeliner from Make Up Store. I will be reviewing them shortly!

    I encourage you to visit Dean Gera and Make Up Store and check out all the products and services!

    Martina XOXO

    Friday, September 13, 2013

    OOTD- What I wore to the Dean Gera/ Make Up Store event- C is for Confidence

    Hey Guys,

    I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to the weekend!

    Earlier this week, we were invited to the opening of 'Dean Gera' hair salon in collaboration with 'Make Up Store'.

    I decided to go for a more glamorous outfit for this opening, I don't usually do shimmery material, however, this fabulous play suit caught my eye, not only since it is quite high waisted and hugs your curves in all the right places but I loved the draping and shine of the material. Apart from that, this play suit comes with a Shell Necklace attached to it, so there's no need to spend an extra dime on getting a necklace to match with the outfit ;)

    I find that due to my new found confidence due to my weight loss and other un-related factors, I am finally experimenting with fashion and enjoying dressing up. I am still not as adventurous as I want to be, mind you, I am getting there. This is already a huge difference from what I was last year (as a person). To you, I might look like this loud, bubbly, confident person, however, if you know me on a more personal level, you will know that I am quite insecure especially about the way I look. For some odd reason, this outfit, made me feel great about the way I'm looking and finally feeling good about myself, something which I was struggling with lately, due to the fact I am currently dealing with some personal issues which put me down immensely this past week so a confidence boost was all I needed!

    That night, my best friend and fellow blogger Reb, wore an amazing Jumpsuit which I was dying to steal from her, however, I think she did justice to the outfit much more than I would have! (It was seriously made for her!) Check out her look here:

    New Look Shell Pink 2 in 1 Necklace Playsuit
    New Look Black Bandeau
    P..S Bracelets
    New Look Purple Pumps
    New Look Purple Clutch
    Tresor Paris Earrings

    I hope you enjoyed this look and remember, when you are feeling down, find an outlet which will give you a confidence boost, be it a nice outfit, a great make up look, anything, since sometimes that is all you need to get you through anything you are going through xx

    Till next time!

    Martina XOXO

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