Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arabic make-up!!

Hello everyone!!

What a beautiful week we're having here in Malta!! I'm at work, but I would rather be out enjoying this beautiful sunshine :):)

I was on Facebook today, when I came across a photo that my friend has uploaded. That photo inspired today's post! :)
So now you might be asking ,'What photo?'. Here it is:

That henna looks amazing, plus I love love love that kaftan!! Her hair is gorgeous and so is her make-up and her eye-brows!! 

I've been in love with the 'Arabic' look for as long as I can remember!! I love looking at pictures of Arab superstars just to look at their perfect skin, hair and make-up . . .and let's not forget those long, perfect eyebrows!! (some of them are tattooed)

Thie hair is usually long and sleek and the make-up usually consists of smoky eyes and/or dark black liner around the eyes.But not always!! Some looks are very colourful!!  They usually keep their lips natural, like Kim Kardashian (love her look and style!!) but that's not always the case. The eyebrows are always long and defined! . Will talk about her in a different post!

Here are some photos of myself with my version of  Arabic make-up :)  

Now, here some pictures of Arabic singers (mostly Lebanese) and other random people:

Haifa Wehbe (Lebanese singer - I love her make-up, hair and style!! I suggest you follow her on facebook and twitter, as she posts lots of pictures!! Also, look up her music videos with english subtitles (if you don't understand Arabic) on YouTube - love her music as well!!) She does love the black smoky eye look, but here you'll notice that she adds a bit of colour as well.


 Marwa (Lebanese singer) - I'm not a big fan of her music .. but I love her hair and make-up!


Ruby - (Egyptian singer) love her songs !! check her out on You Tube!


Nancy Ajram (Lebanese singer) -  love love love her!! You should definitely check her out on You Tube!!


Asala Nasri (Syrian singer) - I'm not familiar with her music but I do like some of her make-up looks.


Random pics : 

The following are 2 Saudi Princesses. Gorgeous!!

Princess Amirah el Taweel :

Princess Fatimah Kuslum:

 What do you think of all these looks? Please let me know!!

Denise xx
o.b.o The Fabulous Team

Friday, February 24, 2012

Exciting News- Runway Malta 2012!

Hi Guys!!

We have some VERY exciting news for you, we will be one of the Maltese blogs that will be covering the Runway Malta event which is being held on March 10-11 2012! We will be focusing mostly on Make Up/ Beauty and we will be giving you inside views of the latest trends to hit the runway!!

Runway Malta
After the success of the Autumn/ Winter 2011 edition, Runway Malta is back with an even bigger event, Runway Malta Spring/ Summer 2012!

When? SATURDAY 10th March 2012, 5pm- Midnight

What? (Quoted from the event itself!)

For those who know it, welcome back! For those who don't, prepare for a night of awesome fashion, fabulous exhibitions and some great tunes.

Runway Malta is the island's premiere international fashion event. It believes in independent, original designers and labels from all over the world and showcases them to the public of Malta.

This season, Runway Malta is also giving new designers the opportunity to shine on an international catwalk, alongside 80 other designers in the annual Fashionclash Maastricht in the Netherlands in June.

This season also sees fashion heavyweight, latex designer William Wilde take to our catwalk for the first time. The William Wilde label has been worn by Daisy Lowe, Paloma Faith, Rihanna (check out her S&M video!) and Tori Amos and has been featured in magazines like Zoo, Tush, Vogue and Elle. This will be a jaw-dropping show, so don't miss it!

An incredibly talented and fantastic label from New Zealand will be joining us on the catwalk at 9pm. Turet Knuefermann, better known as "tk", will be showing her gorgeous feminine designs for the first time in Malta. Already a big hit in New Zealand and Australia, tk also sells in Europe and the USA.

Belgium menswear designer, Marius Op t Eynde will also be showcasing a capsule collection. Marius has just won a host of awards in Holland and is fresh from an internship at Alexander McQueen. Cutting edge and fresh menswear styled to perfection!

Global high street brand French Connection UK will also be showing us their full collection which will incorporate ready to wear with high fashion styling.

The creative and exceptional team behind Runway includes:

AtMat Hair Salon
AV Warehouse
Desiree Azzopardi Design
Mark Warner
David Mansfield
and the ever-amazing models at So Management

The first 100 people through the door receive a goody bag worth over 100 Euros and get a VIP invitation to the official after party held on Sunday, 11th March at Tiffany's in Portomaso where they can meet the international models and designers!

This event is selling out FAST so get your tickets now (20 euro) by sending an email to and visit their Facebook Page & Event Page

For more information visit the below links:

Runway Malta                                                                             

William Wilde                                                                            
Marius Op' Teynde                                                               

The Fabulous Team xoxo

Almond oil - the secret to healthy hair and skin??

Hi my lovely people!

What a beautiful day we have here in Malta!! You can't possibly be having a bad mood with a day like this. For does who work in an office or something similar, like me, open the door or the window. For those who can't, take your break outside. For those who don't have work, or don't work, seriously, get OUT - it's beautiful outside!! Take a walk, go shopping, meet with a friend, anything!!

So if you've read my other posts, you might have noticed that I love natural  remedies and beauty products. You can't go wrong with them. First of all, they are cruelty free, meaning they have not been tested on animals. They are paraben and chemical free and not bad for the environment. Choose organic when possible.
 Health shops are like heaven for me  :):)

Anyway, today, I would like to talk about something I re-discovered a couple of weeks ago - almond oil. When I was younger, mum used to apply almond oil to my hair, cover it in a plastic bag, leave for some hours and then was it off. 
So, my hair needed a bit of pampering lately, so I decided to buy a bottle of almond oil. I usually buy it from pharmacies, but I think you can find it from health shops as well.

I bought mine from a pharmacy in Mosta for around € 3.00 or so, and it by Bells's. 

Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E and is beneficial in many ways!! Almonds are treasures of some essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium. 

 Besides being a nutritious food, almonds have many cosmetic benefits - to health, skin and hair!! Almond oil is pale yellow in colour and   apart from vitamin E it also contains vitamin D and other nutritious components. Awesome right??

So you may ask, how is it beneficial to the skin??  First of all , almond oil is suitable for any skin types. You do not have to worry how it will react on your skin type. 

Some benefits to the skin include : it moisturises the skin better and deeper , it soothes skin irritation and inflammation , it delays ageing process (I especially like this one - haha), it lightens dark circles under the eyes (best to apply at night before going to sleep) , it relieves dry and itching skin and it cures chapped lips and body rashes.

You may already have used almond oil as a hair mask before, but you probably don't know how it can help your hair. It nourishes hair and smooths hair cuticles and prevents hair fall and balding as it strengthens roots and makes the hair stronger, 
Almond oil also alleviates inflammations and skin irritation. Therefore, applying it to your scalp will prevent itching.

I've heard that in order to get the best results, the oil should be applied in a specific manner. Here’s how you should go about it:

-- Make sure your hair is clean and wet before the application. Warm a few teaspoons of oil by putting it in a bowl and place it in warm water to warm up.

-- While applying, dip your fingers into the oil and run them from the root to the tip. Make sure the oil is evenly distributed.

-- You can leave the oil on for about an hour before washing your hair. For best results, wrap your hair in a warm towel or cover it with a shower cap to increase absorption. Or leave overnight.

--You can then wash and condition your hair as you normally would. 

Girls, also remember that almond oil treatment will be successful only if you apply it at least once a week to arrive at the desired effect.

TIP:  For best results and shiny hair, mix almond, coconut oil and olive oil in equal proportions and apply the combination to your hair.

As for the health benefits of almond oil: 
  • Regular consumption of almond oil helps reduce cholesterol 
  • Nourishes the brain and nervous system 
  • Enhances intellectuality and endurance 
  • Application of almond oil provides relief to strained muscles

And that's not enough!! 

Sweet almond oil can also be used during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks from forming. Stretch marks occur on many pregnant women due to the rapid growth of certain areas of the body. 
The oil is applied to the pregnant woman's thighs, breasts and stomach, areas which are prone to exhibiting stretch marks after birth. Daily massages of these areas with sweet almond oil will give them an elasticity that will help them resist developing stretch lines!

I'm currently using almond oil on my hair and under my eyes before I sleep.  

Do you use almond oil? If yes, please let me know :):)

Denise xx

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carnival! Angry Birds Make Up!

Hi Guys!!

So if you have been following our Facebook Page & saw my previous haul you would have seen various carnival related posts!!

For all those that weren't following, my friends and I went to Gozo which is the sister island of Malta for Carnival and spent the weekend there. In Malta we usually celebrate carnival quite big and a lot of Maltesers dress up!

We decided to go as female Angry Birds!!

We whole female Angry Bird Clan + Pig!
Our costumes were fairly simple but had a twist on them, we basically printed t shirts and Stephanie (the red angry bird) designed the t shirts herself where she made the angry birds girly! Also, the emphasis was on the make up which yours truly "designed" for each particular individual. We topped it off by putting a feather in our hair ( apart from me... look down to see what I had) and the White angry bird had a Papier Mache 'egg' since the White angry birds shoots egg bombs, the Black angry bird had 2 black 'bombs' since the Black bird is a bomb and the Blue angry bird has two blue tiny birds since she separates in 3!

Make Up

Kim- The Blue Angry Bird
For Kim I got inspired by the blue angry bird by applying a white base eyeshadow from the Sleek Acid Palette, blue glitter which I bought from a shop called Exclusively Nina's (links below) applied with an Eyelure Glitter gel which I didn't know exsisted and I applied feather lashes which I bought from a carnival shop. She then had a winged black eyeliner, blush and a Goldeny yellow lipstick which I mixed myself for all the Angry Birds, I made it with vaseline and I mixed the yellow colour from the Sleek Jewels Palette and some Golden Mineral eyeshadow from e.l.f. I applied the Eylure Black Goddess eyeshadow on her eyebrows and set it with the essence Lash & Brow Gel.

Emma- The Black Angry Bird
For Emma I applied the White eyeshadow from the Sleek Acid Palette, the Eylure Black Goddess eyeshadow and winged it out ( you can see a much clearer picture below) together with black eyeliner. Since the Black angry bird has red eyebrows I filled her eyebrows with the essence Red blush Lip liner and set with the essence Lash & Brow Gel. I applied HUGE black and red lashes which I bought from a Carnival shop and the same lipstick as Kim.
Stef- The Red Angry Bird
For Steph I applied the White eyeshadow from the Sleek Acid Palette Red Glitters from Soap Cafe which were applied with the Eylure Glitter Gel, winged eyeliner, Feather lashes like the ones Kim had and eyebrows and lips like Kims.

Henriette- The Yellow Bird
For Henriette, I couldn't find yellow glitters so I had to get creative. I applied the essence Hot Spot eyeshadow as a base together with the yellow eyeshadow from the Sleek Jewels Palette so add that little glitter however I mixed in a little white glitter so she has that glittery feel! She also had a winged eyeliner and her eyebrows were applied like Emma's since the yellow bird also had red eyebrows however not as harsh as the Black Bird. Her lashes were probably my favourite out of the lot! They were feather lashes with orange spots!! Lipstick was the one I mixed!
Valerie- The White Bird
Valerie was probably the most straight forward make up I did! I used a white eyeshadow as a base from the Sleek Acid Palette, White Glitters from the Soap Cafe, Winged eyeliner, feather lashes and eyebrows like Kim and Steph and lipstick like the rest!
The Pig!
So I was the Green Pig that everyone has to kill haha. Since I did my whole make up I will be listing all the products unlike the previous make ups, for my hair I did bunches for the ears and I wore a mini tiara.


Make Up Forever HD Foundation
e.l.f HD Powder (PS used this on everyone too!)
essence Souffle Touch Blush

essence Jazzed Up eyeshadow
Green Glitters from Exclusively Ninas
essence Black Kohl Pencil
essence Black Goddess eyeshadow as a liner
essence Lash and Brow Gel
Eldora Dual Tone Green Lashes C174


essence Long Lasting Eye pencil in I Have Green (see pics below for a clearer picture of the colour)

The following are clearer pictures of the make up!

Kim and Henriette applying the feather on Steph, note the colours on each of them, they didn't have lashes on yet so they are quite clear!
Applying the MEGA lashes on Emma, as you can see my lips are in fact green and not blue! Note the winged effect of Emma's make up!

A clearer group photo joined by my boyfriend and Steph's Boyfriend. You can see the make up more clear here!

I hope you liked this post!! Please visit the links to Exclusively Nina's Facebook Page and Soap Cafe's Facebook Page


o.b.o The Fabulous Team