Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arabic make-up!!

Hello everyone!!

What a beautiful week we're having here in Malta!! I'm at work, but I would rather be out enjoying this beautiful sunshine :):)

I was on Facebook today, when I came across a photo that my friend has uploaded. That photo inspired today's post! :)
So now you might be asking ,'What photo?'. Here it is:

That henna looks amazing, plus I love love love that kaftan!! Her hair is gorgeous and so is her make-up and her eye-brows!! 

I've been in love with the 'Arabic' look for as long as I can remember!! I love looking at pictures of Arab superstars just to look at their perfect skin, hair and make-up . . .and let's not forget those long, perfect eyebrows!! (some of them are tattooed)

Thie hair is usually long and sleek and the make-up usually consists of smoky eyes and/or dark black liner around the eyes.But not always!! Some looks are very colourful!!  They usually keep their lips natural, like Kim Kardashian (love her look and style!!) but that's not always the case. The eyebrows are always long and defined! . Will talk about her in a different post!

Here are some photos of myself with my version of  Arabic make-up :)  

Now, here some pictures of Arabic singers (mostly Lebanese) and other random people:

Haifa Wehbe (Lebanese singer - I love her make-up, hair and style!! I suggest you follow her on facebook and twitter, as she posts lots of pictures!! Also, look up her music videos with english subtitles (if you don't understand Arabic) on YouTube - love her music as well!!) She does love the black smoky eye look, but here you'll notice that she adds a bit of colour as well.


 Marwa (Lebanese singer) - I'm not a big fan of her music .. but I love her hair and make-up!


Ruby - (Egyptian singer) love her songs !! check her out on You Tube!


Nancy Ajram (Lebanese singer) -  love love love her!! You should definitely check her out on You Tube!!


Asala Nasri (Syrian singer) - I'm not familiar with her music but I do like some of her make-up looks.


Random pics : 

The following are 2 Saudi Princesses. Gorgeous!!

Princess Amirah el Taweel :

Princess Fatimah Kuslum:

 What do you think of all these looks? Please let me know!!

Denise xx
o.b.o The Fabulous Team

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