Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beauty, clothes and food haul of the last 3 weeks or so..

Hey there lovelies!

As I have said this morning, tonight, I am going to make a haul of the last 3 weeks, including, clothes, a bag, beauty stuff, food etc. .
Now, something you might not know about me is that I am a shopaholic..! :)

p.s I'm sorry for the bad quality pictures, as I am not so good at taking them, and editing . . 

I will start with the clothes:

When I saw this one, I knew I had to have it!! I bought it on sale from Miss Selfridge in Sliema (for approx. 25 Euro)  I only have a long sleeve one which I never wear . . Besides being sleeveless, it's also cropped.  I plan on wearing this for summer 2011! You can wear this over tank tops for example.Or just wear it alone if you dare!   You can accessorize with a nice summery scarf or necklace. Will upload pictures soon to show you how one can wear this !

I also bought this from Miss Selfridge in Sliema ( for about 15 Euro).Although it looks orangey here, it's actually peach. You can wear this over white trousers , shorts or jeans. I don't plan on wearing scarves or necklaces over this one, but some dainty earnings would definitely look pretty with this top.Will also upload some pictures and show you guys how it looks and also how you can wear this.

I bought this from a sports shop almost next to Burger King in Sliema. Actually, my sister bought a pink one a week before. There was also a black, a white and a navy blue (the pink was out of stock :(  ). So I picked the violet one. I wore this over black trousers with my Nike slippers, or tucked in my black flat New Look boots.I also wore this over jeans. It's so comfortable,although I suggest you wear a top under it, and a jacket over, as it's still quite cold!

I bought this one from Ta' Qali market, but I'm sure you will find this and other colours at other markets. I wore this with slippers, and also with a black flat boots. I once wore a white polo neck and the above jacket over this trousers. So comfy!

How cute is this bag!! I also bought this from Ta' Qali market. But unfortunately, I broke the cute keychain that was attached to it, as I was putting it back to it's place! There's a zip on top and another small one inside.There is another zip in the front and two small pockets that close with velcro.

I bought this cute small pocket from Heavenscent at Pavi sipermarket. I bought one in tiger print for my sister. There were other colours. Red and gold and more.

This one is from Nivea's new range of 95% organic products. They have no parabens,silicones, colourant or mineral oils.It's enriched with bio Argan oil and bio Jojoba oil. It has light fresh scent , and absorbs in the skin easily Love it!

I don't know why I bought this one, as I am not a fan of facial cleansing wipes. It was a miniature version and looked so cute :) Thought about keeping this one in my car for emergencies.

As I have said before, I love facial masks by Montagne Jeunesse! They are so hydrating and leaves my skin clear and soft.  From left to right :
Red hot earth mask sauna: Cleanse to the core with rich red clay and plant extracts, feel the heat help open pores allowing impurities to be drawn out, clearing excess oil without  the mask drying , so the skin is left  smooth and deep pore clean.
Yasmine and lavender aromatherapy mask:  Deeply cleansing, deeply soothing. Naturally and gently revive and cleanse your tired skin, whilst relaxing body and soul with natural and calming essential oils.
Zen flower sensitive skin mask: Relax. Let our caring sensitive masque deep cleanse and nourish your skin. Complete the treat and use the serum with re-hydrating ceramides above.

When I first tried these masks, I used the Zen flower mask first. I was really impressed!! My skin was so dry and flaky!! I was so frustrated because I couldn't apply foundation as it looked messy over my flaky skin, even over a thick moisturiser. This mask really helped my skin! I don't have flaky skin anymore ..!

 I bought this one at the Tower Supermarket in Sliema. There is also an eau de toilette version of this, as well as another smell.Love this one!

I bought this bath fizzer from Heavenscent at Pavi Supermarket. They have a small sale section. I also bought a small nail varnish by Valentina (by Kejal).The colour is so a creamy white.I also bought a brown mascara by The Colour Workshop.

I bought this Maybelline Crayon oriental liner from GS in Naxxar. I used this for my lower water line. Looks really pigmented when you first apply it, but fades and creases during the day. Nothing beats my Revlon colourstay liner!

Now let's move on to the food haul!:

I can't get enough of this!! It's soooo good!!  I use this with my porridge or other cereal in the morning. I only find this from Pavi Supermarket in Hal Qormi. It's organic and it's sweetened with Agave syrup, which is a healthier alternative to sugar. Look it up on the net!

I bought these two from a Health shop in Sliema, near the Tower Supermarket. It is very well stocked, and the owner is so friendly and helpful.
From left to right:
Pure coconut oil : this one is solid, so to use this to stir fry and so on, I first put it in a pan filled with boiling water until liquid. It becomes solid when you are done with using it. You may also buy an organic one. This one is a healthier alternative to use, as other oils produce bad chemicals when heated. I also want to try this as a hair treatment! I've heard good things about this. Google it! :)
Agave syrup: This one is organic.It's low in Glycaemic Index. It says: Suma organic syrup is extracted from the wild Agave plant, a native in Mexico. It is a fructose syrup that dissolves easily and can be used to sweeten any foods. Replaces sugar in baking and hot drinks. Store at room temperature. I used this to make rice pudding - yummy!! Use this instead of the calorie-laden unhealthy sugar! (read Skinny Bitch book!!)

I bought the organic whole wheat penne from Tower Supermarket in Naxxar. I love pasta! I love a healthier alternative to the white version,which has no or little nutritional value..make the switch!
I bought the wholemeal flour from the same Supermarket. I am going to use this to make pizza bases!

I bought these yummy treats from Pavi Supermarket, except for the Valsoia snack (which are really good and crunchy!!), as I bought it from GS in Naxxar, and the Nakd bar from the health shop in Sliema near the Tower Supermarket in Sliema.
I bought Oskri bars in the following flavours: Coconut with dark chocolate, Jalow cashews and cranberries, flax seed and Jalow almonds and cranberries.They are all vegan and organic! There were more flavours available by the cash.
The nakd bar is made up of raw fruit, nuts and oats.This one is in Cocoa Loco. I have already tried one in Apple Pie. It's so good and filling!.

I also bought olrganic tamari roasted pumpkin seed from Pavi Supermarket.They are rich in protein, excellent source of magnesium and good source of zinc and iron.

 That's all for today! If you have any questions or comments, please send me a message or comment below!

Denise o.b.o. The Fabulous Team xoxo

My fasting day - how it all went!

How my fasting day went . .

Hello there! ;)

So, as you have seen from the previous post, I tried 24 hour of fast (liquid) from 8am (8th March) till 8am (9th March).

This is what I had during the day:

- 6:45am : porridge oats with hazelnut milk and cinnamon spinkled on top. (I usually cut half a banana and put it on top - YUMMY!!)
- before 12pm : 1.25 litres of water and an organic Detox tea by Yogi Tea.
- at 12pm: a small bowl of veggie soup (my mum cooked it from scratch)
- at 3pm : another small bowl of the same soup.
- in the after noon : drank 0.5 litre of water.

I thought it was going to be more difficult, but because I had so much water, the tea (I am NOT a tea person) and the soups defenitly got me going through the day.

At night, before I slept, at about 9:30pm, my tummy was growling loudly and I kind of felt a bit sick :( .

According to the Skinny Bitch Book, ''Not surplrisingly, some people experience headaches, weakness, nausea, cramping, stomach pains, sweating, a swolen tongue, bad breath, general aches and pains, increased temperature or depression while fasting. Abstaining from food does not cause these aliaments. They are simply normal side effects of fasting.''


''With its wisdom, the body selectively decopmposes the tissue and cells that are diseased, damaged, old or dead or in excess (fat). The body is literally digesting and expelling poisons, toxins, and bad cells that were already there - and it feels crappy. But this is actually a good thing, because the body is finally able to tackle some problems that were lurking within.''

So there you go for now!  If you have any questions, or comments, or maybe you are thinking of fasting, please comment below!  :)

Tonight, I might do a food/beauty haul if I have time..!!

Denise O.B.O The Fabulous Team XOX

Monday, March 7, 2011


Hello there!

I have a chocolate face-mask on as I'm writing this!  (;jsessionid=154d753db087496/shopdata/0030_FACE+MASQUES/0200_CLASSIC+RANGE/product_details.shopscript?article=0020_Chocolate%2BMud%2BMasque%2B%3D28YL-CHOCOLATE-EFS%3D29)

I simply love face-masks by Montagne Jeunesse!! I might do a review soon..! 

Well, as you have seen from the blog title, I'm going to talk about fasting? No, it's not Lent just yet (though soon) ..fasting is actually good and beneficial for the body!!
Fasting is a powerful tool for cleansing, flushing,  detoxifying, and maintaining the body,  and healing illnesses both minor and major. When we eat, all of our body's energy goes towards digesting, using and storing the food, and eliminating the waste. When we don't eat, all of our body's energy goes toward cleaning house. hmm who could have thought of that..?
We absorb toxic chemicals from food, drinks and the environment. Our body eliminates some of these though waste, but the rest remain as chemical by-products and free-radicals (highly reactive chemicals that damage cells and contribute to premature aging,heart disease and cancer) Ouch . .     But listen to this! -- > fasting gets rid of these toxins.

Skinny Bitch books says: Fasts can last from anywhere from 24 hours to 10 days or more. The longer the better , but even just one day a month is beneficial. There are too many types of fasts to cover them all, so we'll explain just a few. A particular favorite is a raw or ''live'' food fast, when, obviously, you eat only raw foods or however many days you choose. This is a great beginner's fast, because you reap the benefits of fasting, while still being able to actually eat.It's also a good fast to do if you want to work your way u to a more stringent fast, like a juice fast, when the only thing that you put in your body is fresh squeezed juice (not pasteurized or packaged) Whether it's fruit juice , veggie juice , or both, the enzymes are wonderful in the cleaning process. The hardest fast is the water fast, where you have nothing but water.aides A liquid fast  similar to the juice fast, but includes soups too.

 They say one shouldn't just decide to fast, but prepare for it beforehand. For example, start by becoming a vegetarian then a vegan. Or , if you already are or, start having smaller portions , etc).

According to them, fasting help our body and mind re-establish a new relation ship with food. Fasting can also help overcome addictions.

From   :   

If would ask any person to work 365 days per year without any rest, they would complain and say that they must have some rest or else they will break down. But we have never bothered to ask or to think about our digestive organs which we compel to work day after day without a rest. They cannot protest the way a person would to his boss, but they do give us signals that they cannot work non-stop. When we ignore those signals and still compel them to work, those organs break down. That is why yoga is say that on a periodic basis it is good to refrain from eating for one complete day. This gives a rest to the digestive organs and also help in the elimination of wastes from the body. Regular fasting allows a person to use the fasting days for intellectual or spiritual pursuits. Fasting is not for hermits in a cave, but is a sensible practice that anyone can practice. In a future article we will explain the procedures for fasting.
Some fasting tips from the same website:   
Some people think that fasting is difficult. But if you prepare yourself for fasting it is not difficult. Prepare yourself physically by taking enough food and also plenty of liquids the day before. Prepare yourself mentally by deciding the night before fasting: "Tomorrow is fasting day, and I am not going to eat anything." If you take this mental determination prior to the fasting day, you will not be hungry during the fasting day. If you do not make a prior determination, during the fasting day you will start to think maybe I should eat, and fast another day. Decide before hand and you will be able to complete your fast.
After fasting, you should take about 1.5 liters of warm water with the juice of 1 lemon and a level tablespoon of salt. This drink helps to flush the digestive system, eliminating waste material that might otherwise remain in the body if you didn't fast.
All in all, fasting is one of the best practices for maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health.

I know I know, sounds like the ideal thing to do (or not - lol), but fasting is difficult!! I love food..A LOT!! But I will try a 24 hour fast  (liquid fast - water and soup) starting 8am tomorrow (till 8am). Will write all about it in the comments section below. .  will also try to have some Detox tea by Yogi tea , and organic green tea. .

Denise The Fabulous Team xoxo

Arabic make-up

Check this site to see some beautiful Arabic make-up and more! Arabic make-up is sooo beautiful :)  (will post about this in future posts!):
Omani make up with accessories

Denise xx

Body Spring Cleaning!

Check out body Spring Cleaning !

Denise xx

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Skinny Bitch!

Hello sweets :):)

What a beautiful day in nice sunny Malta! I hope it stays like this as I am going out later on in the afternoon.. and hope it stays like this for the rest of the week!!

Recently, I have made some changes in my diet, a really positive change! Well, let’s say it’s more of a lifestyle change! Today, I am going to talk about this . .

By now you might be asking : What change did you do?  I became vegan, meaning , someone that does not consume any product coming from animals – meat, fish, milk, eggs. Besides being vegan, I am also finding out more on cruelty-free products, and also those that are not. That said, will try to buy things that are cruelty-free and boycott things that do animal testing.Follow cruelty-free Malta for more info ;)  :!/pages/Cruelty-Free-Malta/174719549237425

What made me/interested me in becoming vegan ?  
I follow Anna Saccone’s blog and youtube channel : ( and She is such a nice girl and I love all her posts and videos about style, her life in Ireland, and recently, her wedding preparations update.
Well, she blogged about how she and her fiance’ changed their diet after reading the book skinny bitch (here is the post : ) , and so I thought I should give it a try and bought the book myself.

This is Anna, her fiance' and their adorable dogs :) :)   (pic from one of her laterst blog posts)

 So I bought  the book Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. ( )   I have also bought their recipe book : Skinny Bitch in the Kitch.

This is what’s written on the cover : A no-nonsense, tough –love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!

This book’s got some bad words here and there, but it is really funny! I have already read this book twice, and am starting to read it again! Sad? Well, I can’t get enough of this book!! And everytime, I take more notes for myself.  
This opened my eyes on so many things about what we put in out body and what animals have to endure so that we can eat mean and so on.

Even Victoria B. read it! 

Here is how the book is divided :



Chapter 1:    Give it up
Chapter 2:    Carbs: The Truth
Chapter 3:    Sugar is the devil
Chapter 4;    The dead, rotting, decomposing flesh diet
Chapter 5:    The dairy disaster
Chapter 6:    You are what you eat
Chapter 7:    The myths and lies about protein
Chapter 8:    Pooping
Chapter 9:    Have no faith ; governmental agencies don’t give a shit about your health
Chapter 10:  Don’t be a pussy
Chapter 11:  Let’s eat
Chapter 12:  FYI
Chapter 13:  Use your head

At the end, they put a list of books they recommend and also some sources they consulted for their book.

In this blog post, I am going to post the introduction from the book. In other posts, I will write a summary and important points from their book (starting from chapter 1).


Are  you sick and tired of being fat? Good. If you can’t take one more day of self-loathing, you’re ready to get skinny. You don’t need  a degree in biology to get skinny. You don’t need to starve yourself to get skinny. You don’t need to spend all day at the gym to get skinny. You just need to smarten up and use your head. Really. It’s that simple. We have been so brainwashed by fad diet, magazine articles, and advertisements that we have forgotten how to think for ourselves.
Skinny Bitch delivers the truth about food, So that you can make intelligent and educated decisions for yourself. This knowledge will empower you to become a skinny bitch.
This is not a diet. This is a way of life. A way to enjoy food. A way to feel healthy, clean, energized and pure. It’s time to reclaim your mind and body. It’s time to strut your skinny ass down the street like you’re in an episode of Charlie’s Angels with some really cool song playing in he background. It’s time to prance around in a thong like you rule the world. It’s time to get skinny.

So that was the introduction. I highly recommend anyone reading this now, to buy this book and read it cover to cover like I did (twice till now – lol). It will open your eyes, change your life and how you think about food!
I feel so much lighter and better, and also, I feel good about myself that I am not contributing to animals being killed for us to eat – when there are so many wonderful and health alternatives!! :
Dairy-free cheeses , ‘faux’ anything!! (burgers, fish fingers, sausages, chicken pieces etc), and others.  Will write about this and more in other posts.

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to follow Anna Saccone’s blog and subsribe to her vids !

Denise The Fabulous Team xoxo

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Haul Time: e.l.f Cosmetics

Hi Ladies!

So today I received my e.l.f order!

My last order was quite some time ago since I've been saving up because of my Make Up Course so when some essentials ran out I re-ordered them plus some other things which I wanted to try out!

I ordered on Friday when they were having Free Shipping but it got dispatched on Wednesday and came today on Saturday!

So these are the things which I ordered:

First off I ordered the Stipple Brush since I have been eyeing it since elf UK included it on their website. I plan to use this brush for foundation application:

Secondly I ordered the Studio Blush Brush since I didn't have a good Blush Brush in my personal brush collection

I also ordered the All over Cover Stick in Rosy Beige, this was actually a re-order since my All Over Cover Stick ran out

Another re-order was the Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance since the one I have is running out therefore I wanted a new one for my kit

The next product I ordered since I saw OxfordJasmine use and I have been curious as to how this product will be so I ordered the Studio Concealer Pencil and Brush in Light

And Last but not Least I re-ordered the Mineral eyeliner in Black

If you would like any review or swatches of any of these products please comment below and I will be more than happy to do so!

You can order the products from: e.l.f

Hope you liked my haul!

o.b.o The Fabulous Team

*Disclaimer: I have bought all these products myself and I am not affiliated with the company. *

Review: Tool Turnabout

Hi Ladies,

So sorry I haven't posted in a while!

Today I am going to talk about the Tool Turnabout which I won from R8Beauty. Unfortunately my first tool turnabout got lost in the post and I contacted R8Beauty and they were kind enough to send me a replacement!

So basically I entered a giveaway which was giving away this innovative brush holder which was originally used to store kitchen tools and I thought to myself that would be awesome to win since the way in which I stored my brushes was in 4 different mugs since I stored used eye brushes and face brushes in 2 separate mugs and clean eye brushes and face brushes in another 2 separate mugs so the idea to having quite a hug amount of storage space was quite intriguing!

Anyway I ended up winning this product and I have to tell you I am absolutely in love with it! First things first this is how the tool turnabout arrived:

and this is how Pampered Chef packages the product

when you open the box you can see that it's quite protected

and this is how I stored my brushes

Basically I stored my brushes like before having the bottom row filled with used brushes and different compartments for different brushes and the top rows for clean brushes.

I absolutely love this product especially the turning function of it all, it is so feasible and makes finding a brush more easy!!

If you would like to purchase the Tool Turnabout you can do so from Pampered Chef ( Direct Link- Tool Turnabout) and also don't forget to join the R8Beauty Facebook Page.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

o.b.o The Fabulous Team 

*Disclaimer: I received this product for free since I won a giveaway and I am in no way affiliated to any company mentioned in this review and this has been my true and honest opinion*

Friday, March 4, 2011

I love soap!

THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!  Who's going to Valletta to watch Carnival shows? Not that I am a carnival fan or anything.. I might go sometime on Saturday or Sunday . . (and NO - I'm not going to be dressed as anything!)   haha . .

Anyways . . I thought on sharing my thoughts and discoveries of this week . . .SOAP! I never looked at soap twice...but since joining Charlene's Soap Cafe group on facebook, and reading her blog, I got so interested! Then I  decided to check out her shop in Sliema and I got hooked ..!   (links to her  Facebook group, blog and online shop will follow)

When I opened the door, the first thing that struck me was .. OMG these soap smell so unbelievably good!! And they look so pretty too!! (some of them look like cakes! - how awesome is THAT??)  PLUS the shop's owner, Charlene is such a friendly woman! She offered me some herbal tea and was such a great help on explaining to me different kinds of soap and their use, ingredients and benefits! Besides soap, there are also some herbal and loose leaf teas, essential oils and herbal remedies.  She also does massages and holds soap-making workshops and more.

Her products are free from Mineral oils or other BI products,Parabens, SLS and Animal fat. Most importantly, none of her products re tested on animals.

I bought a  Green clay and tea tree body and facial soap ( see pic above).
Here is the description from her online shop : 
An all natural antiseptic bar made with with tea tree and absorbent green clay. This bar also contains nourishing hemp oil and calendula to sooth any chapped skin. A great soap for people on the go, who love going to the gym or workout, and just want one product to wash their hair, face and body. Great for all skin types. Suitable for Vegans

Since I have combination skin, this was perfect for me for it's cleaning and nourishing properties. I wash my face with this morning and night and I love the feeling of my skin afterwards! So smooth, clean and fresh . . I totally left my Nivea cleaner in the cupboard!! (and will definitely stay there for now!!) 
 Since it is also suitable for vegans (I am newly vegan - since about 3 weeks), it's perfect. I'm slowly transitioning to vegan , cruelty-free products (more details will follow in future blogs).

Will definitely recommend this soap to all that have combination skin!

To join Soap Cafe group on Facebook -
To folow her blog:
To buy soap online -

That's all for now

Denise O.B.O The Fabulous Team xoxo

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Common beauty mistakes..

Common Beauty mistakes (that I personally can’t stand!!)

Hey there again! Two blog posts in one day today !

  So, sometimes, my family say I’m a beauty/food freak…haha. Although I will speak about food in other blogs later on,

Here, today, I will talk about some beauty mistakes that we all sometimes do ;)   Not only that, but also some help on how to avoid/resolve them.

I will divide them in categories. Make-up, skin , hair and nails.


·        Over-plucked eyebrows:  This happened to me recently!! While I was shaping my eyebrows, I kind of over plucked and ended up with really thin eyebrows LL Thanks God, now, they are growing back YAAAYYY!!

 Anyways, Barely there brows can leave you with a startled look . (not so nice) Use a soft brow powder ,  pencil (I love eyebrow pencils by Nee) or gel to thicken brows or fill in holes while your grow them back – a harsh line of pencil could look fake. Use a firm-bristled brow brush and short,light dashes to apply the colour, then brush through. If you are not confident shaping your brows, use a brow stencil (try E.L.F eyebrow shaper : )or visit a professional.

·        Too-dark foundation:  How I hate it when I see people look like they have a mask on!! It looks so so bad!!  If you were in a hurry, and ende up with this look, try this:  rub moisturiser over your face and neck to create a softer, tinted effect, and wipe a tissue around your jaw line to blend in hard lines.

To avoid a mistake like so, always check what your foundation looks like in the daylight. To test the shade, apply to your jaw, chin and neck. The correct shade will blend with your skin tone without leaving any visible outline. DON’T test foundation on the inside of your wrist (like a lot do) because it’s not the same colour as your face!

·        Visible lip liner :  This is what I call the drag queen or call-girl offence! A thick line of lip liner is drawing attention to your clumsy handiwork and isn’t enhancing your pout! Instead of wiping away the colour with a tissue, which could stain your outer lip line, apply lip balm and rub it with a tissue for a tinted gloss effect.

Girls, lip liner shouldn’t be obvious, it’s there to fix your lipstick and prevents it from bleeding over your lip line.

·        Applying lipstick to chapped lips: This may happen especially in winterm when it’s really cold and our lips are dry . . I found QV lip balm so good I cannot replace it.It also has SPF. Can you ask for more?  

Never apply lipstick if your lips are chapped, as it may aggravate the condition. Instead use a lip balm, to keep your lips moist and soft. If despite all you want to use a lipstick, apply a lip balm before the lipstick to give your lips moisture. Gentle exfoliation with a mild exfoliator and a toothbrush may help you but do it once or twice a week.


·        Squeezing spots :  You’ve picked a minor spot and it has erupted into a major volcano. Sounds familiar ? I think so!! Smooth a yellow-toned antibacterial concealer over the spot to reduce redness.
Girls, take care of your complexion if you’re prone to problem skin. Use an oil free acne facial wash, exfoliate once a week and apply a clay mask or so once a week as well. As foundation, wear an oil-free one.

·        Sleeping in your make-up: This one is BIG no-no!! It’s crucial for your face to remove make-up and thoroughly cleanse your face before hitting the pillow, if you want beautiful skin – that is! Avoid waking up with panda eyes and dry, flaky , congested skin. But if you do (don’t do this a lot!!) ,  remove your make-up with a suitable cleanser and eye make-up remover. Boost your circulation with a splash of cool water , then moisturise and apply a brightening balm to fake a radiant glow

What’s your excuse? Because I arrived late at night and I was so tired blah blah blah … Keep a pack of cleansing wiped by your bed to use when you are too tired for your usual cleansing routine (i.e not to be done everyday!) Use one wipe for eyes and lip and another for your face – remember to wipe around your jaw line and under your chin to remove hidden dirt.

·        Fake tan palms: This usually happens after a D.I.Y tanning session ! Your freshly applied self-tan looks great, but the palms of your hand are bright orange..! Cut a lemon in half and rub it over the fake tan stains and rinse thoroughly.

Also, try to avoid this : 

Wear latex gloves when applying self tan to protect your hands from stains, or wash your hands frequently during application, to prevent prolonged contact with the product. 


·        Greasy hair: I suffer from greasy hair unfortunately. Usually a couple of days after I get my hair done LL. Dust a little dry shampoo (I use one by Lee Stafford) onto the roots then work it loosely through your hair with your fingers.If you don’t have any dry shampoo,talc powder hairspray can reduce excess oil – spritz it over your hair, then rush it out with a natural bristle brush.

If you use a lot of products, wash your hair regularly with a deep cleansing shampoo – product build-up can aggravate the scalp and stimulate oil production. Only apply conditioner to the lengths of your hair and NOT the scalp.

·        Obvious roots:  If you have left it too long between highlights or colour, your hair will look cheap not cheerful. Put your hair in a zig zag parting, or pull it straight off the face so the eye only sees the root and not contrasting colour. Hide very bad roots with a hair band or hair scarf.

Regular colour top-ups are essential, especially If you hair is more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour.

·        Flaky scalp:  I don’t suffer from dandruff. But I see people quite a lot suffering from it. It’s not pretty, so take care. If your scalp is leaving little white flakes on your clothes, pull it  up in a bun, pony tail or chignon and fix it with hair spray, and change into a pale top – white places will look more noticeable in dark fabrics. Easy!
Wash hair everyday for a week with a mild medicated shampoo.The next week, alternate your regular shampoo with the medicated one until the problem has cleared. From then on, be not to over-apply styling products at the roots, and always thoroughly rinse away shampoos and conditioners, which can irritate a sensitive scalp.


·        Chewing your fingers: Chewing or picking loose skin around your nails can damage your cuticle and leave your skin tone red and sore – not pretty. Regularly smooth an anti-bacterial cream around your nails to keep cuts clean and soothe inflammation.

Use cuticle clippers to trim those skin, and exfoliate once a week and apply cuticle oil to keep them smooth. (I use a cuticle oil by Mavala). Also, apply a hand cream as much as possible to ensure the skin around your nails stays smooth and moisturized. (I currenly use one by Glysolid, but would love to try one by Vaseline nail care.)


·        Washing up without gloves: Harsh detergents and hot /cold temperature can dry out you hands , chip you manicure and damage your nails. (I like the gloves by Vileda). Apply cuticle oil and nail hardener (I use Mavala) and soothe stressed skin with a gentle, fragrance-free hand lotion , massaging it in well.

Always wear rubber gloved for washing up. Apply Vaseline or hand cream first, and massage It in well – the warmth of the water will boost absorption of the nourishing ingredients to give your hands a pampering treat.

·        Ruined manicure: Your perfect manicure looks old and chipped and you don’t have any nail polish remover or nail polish (I love nail polishes by E.L.F and Revlon – beautiful colour, long lasting and dry fast!!) to repair it. Don’t despair. Paint each nail with a clear coat or base coat – the newly added shine will make chips and smudges a bit less noticeable.

Carry a nail polish that matches your manicure for touch-ups. If you love to wear dark or bold nail polish, be ready for unexpected chips with a pack of nail polish remover pads in your bag!
That’s all I could think of at the moment. Feel free to add your own or ask any questions on your comments down below !!

Denise The Fabulous Team xoxo