Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beauty, clothes and food haul of the last 3 weeks or so..

Hey there lovelies!

As I have said this morning, tonight, I am going to make a haul of the last 3 weeks, including, clothes, a bag, beauty stuff, food etc. .
Now, something you might not know about me is that I am a shopaholic..! :)

p.s I'm sorry for the bad quality pictures, as I am not so good at taking them, and editing . . 

I will start with the clothes:

When I saw this one, I knew I had to have it!! I bought it on sale from Miss Selfridge in Sliema (for approx. 25 Euro)  I only have a long sleeve one which I never wear . . Besides being sleeveless, it's also cropped.  I plan on wearing this for summer 2011! You can wear this over tank tops for example.Or just wear it alone if you dare!   You can accessorize with a nice summery scarf or necklace. Will upload pictures soon to show you how one can wear this !

I also bought this from Miss Selfridge in Sliema ( for about 15 Euro).Although it looks orangey here, it's actually peach. You can wear this over white trousers , shorts or jeans. I don't plan on wearing scarves or necklaces over this one, but some dainty earnings would definitely look pretty with this top.Will also upload some pictures and show you guys how it looks and also how you can wear this.

I bought this from a sports shop almost next to Burger King in Sliema. Actually, my sister bought a pink one a week before. There was also a black, a white and a navy blue (the pink was out of stock :(  ). So I picked the violet one. I wore this over black trousers with my Nike slippers, or tucked in my black flat New Look boots.I also wore this over jeans. It's so comfortable,although I suggest you wear a top under it, and a jacket over, as it's still quite cold!

I bought this one from Ta' Qali market, but I'm sure you will find this and other colours at other markets. I wore this with slippers, and also with a black flat boots. I once wore a white polo neck and the above jacket over this trousers. So comfy!

How cute is this bag!! I also bought this from Ta' Qali market. But unfortunately, I broke the cute keychain that was attached to it, as I was putting it back to it's place! There's a zip on top and another small one inside.There is another zip in the front and two small pockets that close with velcro.

I bought this cute small pocket from Heavenscent at Pavi sipermarket. I bought one in tiger print for my sister. There were other colours. Red and gold and more.

This one is from Nivea's new range of 95% organic products. They have no parabens,silicones, colourant or mineral oils.It's enriched with bio Argan oil and bio Jojoba oil. It has light fresh scent , and absorbs in the skin easily Love it!

I don't know why I bought this one, as I am not a fan of facial cleansing wipes. It was a miniature version and looked so cute :) Thought about keeping this one in my car for emergencies.

As I have said before, I love facial masks by Montagne Jeunesse! They are so hydrating and leaves my skin clear and soft.  From left to right :
Red hot earth mask sauna: Cleanse to the core with rich red clay and plant extracts, feel the heat help open pores allowing impurities to be drawn out, clearing excess oil without  the mask drying , so the skin is left  smooth and deep pore clean.
Yasmine and lavender aromatherapy mask:  Deeply cleansing, deeply soothing. Naturally and gently revive and cleanse your tired skin, whilst relaxing body and soul with natural and calming essential oils.
Zen flower sensitive skin mask: Relax. Let our caring sensitive masque deep cleanse and nourish your skin. Complete the treat and use the serum with re-hydrating ceramides above.

When I first tried these masks, I used the Zen flower mask first. I was really impressed!! My skin was so dry and flaky!! I was so frustrated because I couldn't apply foundation as it looked messy over my flaky skin, even over a thick moisturiser. This mask really helped my skin! I don't have flaky skin anymore ..!

 I bought this one at the Tower Supermarket in Sliema. There is also an eau de toilette version of this, as well as another smell.Love this one!

I bought this bath fizzer from Heavenscent at Pavi Supermarket. They have a small sale section. I also bought a small nail varnish by Valentina (by Kejal).The colour is so a creamy white.I also bought a brown mascara by The Colour Workshop.

I bought this Maybelline Crayon oriental liner from GS in Naxxar. I used this for my lower water line. Looks really pigmented when you first apply it, but fades and creases during the day. Nothing beats my Revlon colourstay liner!

Now let's move on to the food haul!:

I can't get enough of this!! It's soooo good!!  I use this with my porridge or other cereal in the morning. I only find this from Pavi Supermarket in Hal Qormi. It's organic and it's sweetened with Agave syrup, which is a healthier alternative to sugar. Look it up on the net!

I bought these two from a Health shop in Sliema, near the Tower Supermarket. It is very well stocked, and the owner is so friendly and helpful.
From left to right:
Pure coconut oil : this one is solid, so to use this to stir fry and so on, I first put it in a pan filled with boiling water until liquid. It becomes solid when you are done with using it. You may also buy an organic one. This one is a healthier alternative to use, as other oils produce bad chemicals when heated. I also want to try this as a hair treatment! I've heard good things about this. Google it! :)
Agave syrup: This one is organic.It's low in Glycaemic Index. It says: Suma organic syrup is extracted from the wild Agave plant, a native in Mexico. It is a fructose syrup that dissolves easily and can be used to sweeten any foods. Replaces sugar in baking and hot drinks. Store at room temperature. I used this to make rice pudding - yummy!! Use this instead of the calorie-laden unhealthy sugar! (read Skinny Bitch book!!)

I bought the organic whole wheat penne from Tower Supermarket in Naxxar. I love pasta! I love a healthier alternative to the white version,which has no or little nutritional value..make the switch!
I bought the wholemeal flour from the same Supermarket. I am going to use this to make pizza bases!

I bought these yummy treats from Pavi Supermarket, except for the Valsoia snack (which are really good and crunchy!!), as I bought it from GS in Naxxar, and the Nakd bar from the health shop in Sliema near the Tower Supermarket in Sliema.
I bought Oskri bars in the following flavours: Coconut with dark chocolate, Jalow cashews and cranberries, flax seed and Jalow almonds and cranberries.They are all vegan and organic! There were more flavours available by the cash.
The nakd bar is made up of raw fruit, nuts and oats.This one is in Cocoa Loco. I have already tried one in Apple Pie. It's so good and filling!.

I also bought olrganic tamari roasted pumpkin seed from Pavi Supermarket.They are rich in protein, excellent source of magnesium and good source of zinc and iron.

 That's all for today! If you have any questions or comments, please send me a message or comment below!

Denise o.b.o. The Fabulous Team xoxo

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  1. Coconut oil is great! I use it all the time as cooking oil & hair conditioner. However I prefer the tub jar as its easier to spoon off chunks in winter time when it becomes solid.