Thursday, March 10, 2011

My fasting day - how it all went!

How my fasting day went . .

Hello there! ;)

So, as you have seen from the previous post, I tried 24 hour of fast (liquid) from 8am (8th March) till 8am (9th March).

This is what I had during the day:

- 6:45am : porridge oats with hazelnut milk and cinnamon spinkled on top. (I usually cut half a banana and put it on top - YUMMY!!)
- before 12pm : 1.25 litres of water and an organic Detox tea by Yogi Tea.
- at 12pm: a small bowl of veggie soup (my mum cooked it from scratch)
- at 3pm : another small bowl of the same soup.
- in the after noon : drank 0.5 litre of water.

I thought it was going to be more difficult, but because I had so much water, the tea (I am NOT a tea person) and the soups defenitly got me going through the day.

At night, before I slept, at about 9:30pm, my tummy was growling loudly and I kind of felt a bit sick :( .

According to the Skinny Bitch Book, ''Not surplrisingly, some people experience headaches, weakness, nausea, cramping, stomach pains, sweating, a swolen tongue, bad breath, general aches and pains, increased temperature or depression while fasting. Abstaining from food does not cause these aliaments. They are simply normal side effects of fasting.''


''With its wisdom, the body selectively decopmposes the tissue and cells that are diseased, damaged, old or dead or in excess (fat). The body is literally digesting and expelling poisons, toxins, and bad cells that were already there - and it feels crappy. But this is actually a good thing, because the body is finally able to tackle some problems that were lurking within.''

So there you go for now!  If you have any questions, or comments, or maybe you are thinking of fasting, please comment below!  :)

Tonight, I might do a food/beauty haul if I have time..!!

Denise O.B.O The Fabulous Team XOX

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