Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catrice Ultimate Colour & Ultimate Shine Lipstick Collection with swatches!!

Hi Guys!!

As you know I am currently obsessing over the Catrice lipsticks so much so that I own 10, yes 10! lipsticks and I plan to buy the whole range since I am in love with these lipsticks.

I was talking to the two Laras the other day and they wanted to see my whole collection of the lipsticks, so this one is for you ladies!

Catrice have launched two types of lipsticks, the Ultimate Colour Range and the Ultime Shine Range.

What is the difference between these two ranges? Simple! The Ultimate Shine Range have an added shine to them sort of like applying lipgloss on top of your lipstick apart from the Ultimate Shine having a Silver Packaging whilst the Ultimate colour has a sleek black packagining.

How would I describe the Catrice Lipstick range in general?
  • Great selection of colours
  • Bang on trend
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Sleek, professional packaging
  • Reasonably priced
  • Some shades have a long staying power, I end up with a hint of the lip colour till the end of the day most of the time :-)
One thing which I did not like about these lipsticks is they tend to get a bit messy, especially the ultimate shine range where I tend to get lipstick going on the tube however it is not fully messy! This might be since they are highly pigmented.

I have also swatched all my lipsticks for you, please excuse my different expressions but these were taken across 10 days hehe :)

Ultimate Shine

 Corallicious Pink, Shy Flamingo, Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss
Shy Flamingo
Corallicious Pink
Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss

Ultimate Colour
Ginger & Fred, Lobster Love, Pink Me Up!, Frozen Rose, The Nuder The Better, More is More, Pinkadilly Circus
Pinkadilly Circus
Pink Me Up
Lobster Love
More is More
Frozen Rose
The Nuder the Better
Ginger & Fred

Denise has reviewed these lipsticks in more detail, you can find the reviews on the Ultimate Shine lipstick in Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss HERE whilst you can find a review on the Ultimate Colour lipstick in The Nuder the Better HERE

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Two-Toned Pink and Gold Lips tutorial!

Hi Guys!!

So this is probably my first tutorial on this blog, as you might know I had a youtube channel before!

This tutorial came around thanks to Chanel from Bon Ton Fashionista who posted the below picture and I told her I'll re create it! 

I will be giving you both a step by step tutorial with pictures but I also have a video for you!

Products Used:

essence Lip liner in Cute Pink
Catrice Ultimate colour Lipstick in Pink Me Up
e.l.f Mineral eyeshadow in Golden
(e.l.f Small Precision brush)

Step 1

Line your lips with the essence Cute Pink Lip Liner 

Step 2

Fill in your lips with the Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in Pink Me Up, should you choose to do a different colour it is up to you! I matched this colour as much as possible to the picture.

Step 3

Apply loose pigment on your lips, make sure that the majority of the colour is in the middle and dab only a little colour at the sides by dabbing small amounts with the end of the brush. Should you wish to create a full gold lip mix the pigment with a clear lipgloss!

Voila! The finished look! This is a fairly simple look, I may have not gotten it exactly like the picture however keep in mind that the picture I took is at a different angle! 

Hope you liked it!!


o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOXO

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nail Polish Organisation

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately I have been very busy however fret not I have thought of a number of posts for you!

My dear friend Maria ( who is probably one of our biggest fans :-p xx) was very kind to give me a some nail art circles after she showed me her awesome nail polish collection which she organised by these nail art circles.

I wasn't sure how I was going to organise them however I watched a number of youtube videos to get an idea on how to organise them. I decided to go by brand since if I organised them by colour then I might have a problem with the colour scale should I buy new colours. I have more nail polishes than the below however this is my "private" collection since they are aren't the nail polishes I share with my mum, I organised them in the following way:

  • essence
  • Catrice
  • Limited Edition
  • Other


If not stated, please assume that the polish is from the Colour & Go collection, I will list them from the red glitter polish to the blue glitter polish and so on.

  • Time for Romance
  • Blue Addicted
  • Glamorous Life
  • C'est La Vie
  • Irreplaceable
  • Colour 3 polish- Shopping Trip in Soho with Party all Night Long on top it
  • Colour 3 polish- Party all Night Long
  • Colour 3 polish- Shopping Trip in Soho
  • Multi dimension 3 in 1 polish- Coconut Kiss
  • Nude glam polish- Iced Strawberry Cream
  • Nude glam polish- Toffee to go
  • Nude glam polish- Cafe ole
  • No more drama
  • Break Through
  • Where is the party?
  • Modern Romance
  • Date with the night
  • Meet me now

Left to Right::

  • Dulce & Havanna
  • Fred Said Red
  • Marilyn & Me
Limited Edition

These polishes are essence & Catrice limited edition polishes, starting from left to right:

  • essence Vampire's Love- Gold Old Bufy
  • essence re-mix your style- Show me the way
  • essence re-mix your style- Maybe I'm Amazed
  • essence re-mix your style-Stairway to heaven
  • essence re-mix your style Pop top coat- Just can't get enough
  • essence Cute as Hell- Date you
  • essence Cute as Hell- Not just cute
  • essence Cute as Hell- Bad girl
  • Catrice Big City Life- New york
  • Catrice Big City Life- Berlin
  • Catrice Big City Life- London

  • China Glaze- Bad Landing
  • MUA-Shade 8  (given to me by Maria!)
Hope you liked this post!! These wheels have now made my decision to choose a polish much more harder since I want to wear all of them now hehe!!

Till next time!


o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOXO

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Malta Fashion Week- Maltese & Russian Designers Show

Malta Fashion Week is nearing it's end with the Malta Fashion Awards just a day away (since it's after midnight, a few hourse away), the Final so to say Runway show took us once again to the Mediterranean Conference Centre for an exciting show bringing Maltese and Russian Talent together under one roof! This event was sponsored by Global Air Travel, Sunseeker, MTA, Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa and Joinwell.

In all, six designers took the runway, 2 of which were prominent Russian Designers who came down to Malta for Malta Fashion Week together with a team of Models and a Russian Hair Stylist.

The first designer was someone who is quite well known in the Maltese & British fashion scene, however, she is known for her modelling skills, yes I am talking about none other than Britain's Next Top Model Tiffany Pisani who launched her Swimwear collection at the show tonight!

Tiffany created a timeless yet contemporary line of swimwear which was inspired by none other then the country famous for lovely swimwear Brazil!

Tiffany's collection included several flattery briefs and halter tops with a variety of colours from white to light blue to bright orange even to khaki and black. Apart from one coloured bikinis, a number of floral prints were used to give that summery feel to the bikinis.

Beading, buckles and belt ties also complimented certain bikinis to give them that extra edge.

All the pieces are very feminine and sexy. I particularly liked a white halter bandeau which had a striped halter neck tie together with floral print briefs mainly in yellow orange and pink. I also liked the strapless white bandeau piece with brownish gold large bead details. The final piece I liked especially for it's vibrant colour is the light blue strapless number. I particularly liked it not only for the colour but for the top which looked like two shell like cups.

Tiffany's collection will be available from next June from her website so stayed tuned to get your hands on one of her creations!

Moscow Fashion Week's Best Designer  Alexandra Serova took the runway to showcase her new collection "Millezim 2012" which is a sexy and provocative line inspired by the wine making technique of the grape therefore an array of black, champagne, pink and red pieces graced the catwalk.

The show consisted of a number of sexy dresses having lace bodices embellished with a number of sequins, Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones, flowing silks and exposed backs. An evening lingerie line was also present which included a number of sexy corsets to make any woman feel sexy yet glamorous.

There were a number of pieces that caught my eye, one of which a pink long sexy dress including a corset bodice and skirt made of pink silk adorned with beautiful floral designs embellished with crystals and sequins. Another dress which caught my eye was an exposed back dress which was fully embellished with crystals and sequins. I also liked that the sequin and crystals embellishments were also used to give an extra chicness to a simple dress such as a long sleeved orange dress which had crsytal embellishments on the arm of the sleeve.

Next up was John Callus, a Maltese designer who makes made to measure soft leather, suede and fur pieces established since 1986, showcased his Autumn/ Winter 2012 collection which included a number of leather pieces and fur pieces. A number of colours were used in this collection such as Black, Orange, Purple and fur printed pieces.

A particular leather jacket zipped at the side with silver studs on the collar of the jacket caught my eye for the sleeve detail which had a number of studs and a zip detail, also a particular metallic dress caught my eye for an interesting side dip hem the designer incorporated.

Vassil Petriiski, a Bulgarian designer who designed a number of pieces for the Showbiz and entertainment industry now calls Malta his home after establishing himself in Sofia, Bulgarian and South Africa, he has found a home in Malta and has established his fashion house Petriiski fashion with Veronica Petriiski.

A number of pieces including plaid, denim and fur pieces were prominent on the catwalk were I could see a recurring rock and roll Wild Western theme. Malta Fashion Week has been up till now geared at showcasing ladies' fashion however Vassil created a line whereby male clothing was the most prominent although a number of female articles still graced the catwalk. A number of retro prints were used such as a Rolling Stones piece on a long male coat and retro floral prints. Female pieces were mostly denim based were a number of denim corsets, jeans and jackets together expect a particular two toned yellow tiger print corset and black dress.

Probably one of my favourite show of the night, Sergey Pugachev, a Russian wedding and evening wear designer bringing together historical wedding dress culture to the present. The designer was inspired by the eternal beauty of the Greek Goddesses and nymphs. This collection had a dream like and fairy feel was was absolutely stunning! A number of unique corsets were used as an artistic canvas with hand painted oil paintings inlaid with swaroski crystals graced the runway in this unique collection.

Light colours including white, ivory and light blue were the main colours used on the wedding gowns whereas the fairy tale like ballgowns were complimented with green, yellow, red blue and pink hues. Three particular ball gown dresses were absolutely stunning, flowing silk and a hand painted corset wowed the runway with these dresses leaving a girl feeling like a princess. Wedding dress were either very Greek goddess having flowy  pieces which were worn with elegant flats or else very Cinderella ball gown type dresses. The feature which were obviously the wow factor of the collection were the beautiful corsets which the dresses had. 

Last but not least Pippa Toledo's collection of luxury clothes, handbags and jewellery took the runway. Pippa believe's that any woman can look glamorous even with a simple dress, how? Pairing that dress with simple but staple pieces.

Clothes were kept simple yet elegant were a number of black, pink, purple and red pieces were used to compliment the statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Jewellery was very bold and glamorous usually mostly in gold however having hints of coloured stones or chains. Bags were chic and stylish with a variety of colours from black to blue to green to purple to pink to yellow. Pippa's collection was stylish and unique and I could see myself wearing these pieces especially since I usually like to keep my style very simple and pairing it with a bold accessory to give my outfit an extra edge.

Well done to all designers, I truly enjoyed this show! A big well done goes also to Malta Fashion Week for bringing together the two cultures to provide a night full of glamour!

The Fabulous Team XOXO

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Malta Fashion Week- Kelinza Couture Fashion Show

Day 4 of Malta Fashion Week took us to the The Villa, Corinthia Palace & Spa in Attard to view the Kelinza Couture fashion show by designer Fleur Kelinza who launched her new collection in Malta today!

 The collection consisted of various cocktail and evening dresses which were very elegant and chic. The first "part" of the show consisted of an array of models wearing a mini hat which provided an extra edge to the outfit. There were three mini hats which the models wore in particular, a black glittery hat with a red flower detail, a pink mini hat with black stripe details and a red mini hat with black striped details. To compliment this accessory, hair was kept sleek with one side pin curled and the hair styled in an elegant bun. Make up was very dramatic were all models sported a navy blue/ black smoky eye and wine stained lips.
The main colour palette for this collection included black, pink, red, white and navy blue whilst one dress in particular had a gold skirt. The designer also included many ruffle, feather, lace, floral and beading details to her dresses. 

As a little girl I enjoyed sewing bead details onto clothes or bags and up till this day I love bead details on clothes therefore it was no surprise to me that I was instantly struck by two particular details which were on a pink crinkled dress having bead details all around the neck and back line and straps and a navy blue dress which had four navy blue bead strings covering the back of the model.

Embellishments were also a detail which added that extra chicness to two particular dresses. A particular pink/black tulle satin dress which was not only stunning in its own way having the top part of the dress in pink flowy satin and the bottom half in a black scaly skirt but the added embellishments on the neck, back and waist line gave the dress that added chicness. Another gown were embellishments played a huge role in the dress was a statement white embellished ostrich feather gown which had silver embellishments all over the dress together with an ostrich feather train to compliment it

Apart from dresses, three coats were part of the collection. We noted that all the coats had one detail in common which were circular discs placed on the hem of the coats. One particular white/ black wool coat struck me not only because I am a sucker for a nice white coat but for the double button detail which was quite interesting since one of the buttons had black glitters whilst the other had a base of black and tiny silver glitter details.

All the dresses were absolutely stunning and it was very hard for us to choose our favourite pieces since we loved all of the dresses. One particular red tulle/ satin pearl gown caught my eye not only for it's simplicity but i found the ruffled sleeves and pearl bust line details absolutely stunning whilst another dress which struck me had a one shoulder rope detail going all the way to the mid back of the dress and stopping at the front of the dress ending with a tassel detail.

All in all we enjoyed viewing this collection immensely since we enjoy simple yet elegant dresses and gowns and we could definitely see ourselves wearing one (or more) of these dresses ourselves at special occasions since they are all sophisticated and unique in their own way.

The Fabulous Team XOXO