Thursday, May 10, 2012

Malta Fashion Week- Kelinza Couture Fashion Show

Day 4 of Malta Fashion Week took us to the The Villa, Corinthia Palace & Spa in Attard to view the Kelinza Couture fashion show by designer Fleur Kelinza who launched her new collection in Malta today!

 The collection consisted of various cocktail and evening dresses which were very elegant and chic. The first "part" of the show consisted of an array of models wearing a mini hat which provided an extra edge to the outfit. There were three mini hats which the models wore in particular, a black glittery hat with a red flower detail, a pink mini hat with black stripe details and a red mini hat with black striped details. To compliment this accessory, hair was kept sleek with one side pin curled and the hair styled in an elegant bun. Make up was very dramatic were all models sported a navy blue/ black smoky eye and wine stained lips.
The main colour palette for this collection included black, pink, red, white and navy blue whilst one dress in particular had a gold skirt. The designer also included many ruffle, feather, lace, floral and beading details to her dresses. 

As a little girl I enjoyed sewing bead details onto clothes or bags and up till this day I love bead details on clothes therefore it was no surprise to me that I was instantly struck by two particular details which were on a pink crinkled dress having bead details all around the neck and back line and straps and a navy blue dress which had four navy blue bead strings covering the back of the model.

Embellishments were also a detail which added that extra chicness to two particular dresses. A particular pink/black tulle satin dress which was not only stunning in its own way having the top part of the dress in pink flowy satin and the bottom half in a black scaly skirt but the added embellishments on the neck, back and waist line gave the dress that added chicness. Another gown were embellishments played a huge role in the dress was a statement white embellished ostrich feather gown which had silver embellishments all over the dress together with an ostrich feather train to compliment it

Apart from dresses, three coats were part of the collection. We noted that all the coats had one detail in common which were circular discs placed on the hem of the coats. One particular white/ black wool coat struck me not only because I am a sucker for a nice white coat but for the double button detail which was quite interesting since one of the buttons had black glitters whilst the other had a base of black and tiny silver glitter details.

All the dresses were absolutely stunning and it was very hard for us to choose our favourite pieces since we loved all of the dresses. One particular red tulle/ satin pearl gown caught my eye not only for it's simplicity but i found the ruffled sleeves and pearl bust line details absolutely stunning whilst another dress which struck me had a one shoulder rope detail going all the way to the mid back of the dress and stopping at the front of the dress ending with a tassel detail.

All in all we enjoyed viewing this collection immensely since we enjoy simple yet elegant dresses and gowns and we could definitely see ourselves wearing one (or more) of these dresses ourselves at special occasions since they are all sophisticated and unique in their own way.

The Fabulous Team XOXO

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