Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Malta Fashion Week- Theatrical & Period Costumes Show Show

Fasten your seat belts as I am about to take you on a journey! A journey back in time, way back to the 17th Century!

Day 3 of Malta Fashion Week took us back in time with a Theatrical and Period Show were a number of costumes from the Teatru Manoel (Manoel Theatre) came to life in the Kind's Autosales Showroom which was turned into a runway and a 17th century ball room setting with candles placed in various parts of the showroom and a dim, tranquil light setting greeted attendees making one feel as though they are truly stepping into a time machine.

For those who know me personally know that this is one of the shows I was most looking forward to attend as I am smitten with period costumes therefore this show was definitely a big treat seeing all those costumes live and a few inches away from me!

The pieces which were shown were not actual pieces which were worn for everyday use however were considered to be the "Fashion Show" or rather extravagant ball attire worn in those times.

A number of antique costumes were also on display for one to enjoy including costumes which one would wear for everyday use such as a blue long dress with puffed sleeves, mind you, these sort of dresses were not worn by the "working-class" but by more "high- class" people. A number of coats which a man would presumably wear to a ball or for special events (maybe to meet his future wife) were displayed featuring puffed sleeves which were prominent in those times especially in the royal courts.

The gowns were all richly decorated with fancy corsets some of which were adorned with either bows or lace accents together with trimmed skirts. Wide hoops were worn underneath the skirts to create a puffed skirt illusion which was highly popular in those times. Male costumes were also in tow were costumes reflecting what a 17th century man wore for balls or special events included elaborate long flared coats with soft fabric lace cravats tied at the neck together with long white stocking tucked in below the model's trousers which were just below the knee together with shoes having a bow detail.

My favourite pieces, although I loved every piece, were definitely a blue gown with yellow floral prints with yellow frill details on the collar and the front of the dress together with lace draped frill sleeves and a yellow with blue accent ensemble which was a his and hers set. The female's dress caught my eye especially for the front blue detail which contrasted with the golden yellow colour which was the main feature of the dress together with the dark blue roses which were tied on the sleeves of the dress.

For more photos of the various dresses and mens' attire, kindly visit our Facebook Page.

The make up used had a white base in order to reflect the white lead and powder make up that one used in the 17th century together with a strong red cheek and lip colour together with dramatic eye make up for the women. A range of high curled hair styles complimented the outfits together with white wigs for the men.

This show left everyone in attendance wanting to travel back in time and experience a lavish ball held by the 17th century man in order to have an opportunity to wear those lavish dresses!

The Fabulous Team XOXO

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