Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Malta Fashion Week- Charles & Ron, "So Hot, So Cold" Autumn/ Winter 2012 Collection

Hi Guys!

Today we were invited to Malta's leading fashion house Charles and Ron Fall/ Winter collection 2012.

We were joined by many distinguished guests and other Maltese bloggers who were all buzzing with excitement to view Charles & Ron's latest collection.

Joined by our dear friend Lara from Boffism!

The theme for this collection was "So Hot, So Cold", inspired by Charles and Ron's roots. "So Hot" signifies Charles' Maltese roots and the sunny "Hot" island of Malta whilst "So Cold" remembers the "Cold" weather in the Netherlands were Ron is originally from.

The event was held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. The set up was such that the main focus was entirely on the model and the collection, which was emphasized by strategic light placements having a large spotlight following the models down the runway.

This event was sponsored by Viventy Jewels by 202 Jewellery, a range inspired  by the Côte d'Azur region.  Attendees had the chance to view this range thanks to display stands set up at the entrance and also on the models.

To further compliment Charles & Ron's collection, Justin Brincat provided his artistic touch by creating beautiful make up looks to fit the "So Hot, So Cold" theme using Eva Garden Make Up. Eyes were made up in a variety of warm earthy colours. Models were sporting a Blue, Red or Two-toned Red and Blue lip which symbolized each element of the theme. Hair was styled by Alexander Carabott who created a sideways beehive having one side completely sleeked whilst the rest of the hair was crimped and backcombed. Models were from Supernova Models, Models.com.mt and Modelle International.

The show kicked off by introducing the "So Cold" collection which included pieces to keep you warm in the cold weather! An array of vintage inspired coats and capes wowed the audience. Blue, Red and Black were very prominent in the colour scheme together with grey which featured in two pieces. Charles & Ron used several contrasting techniques whereby  the inside of the coat or cape was lined with either a blue or red hue together with the cuffs in certain pieces. High necklines and feather details were prominent in some pieces. A few models wore gloves and scarves to keep them nice and warm!

Some key pieces which caught our eye were a particular Military inspired jacket which had a base of black with red accents, a black cape which was lined in blue satin having zip features in the front and for the arms which one could choose to either open or close and an elegant cape featuring all three hues which was held together by a bow. 

Things heated up in the second part of the show were the models shed their winter coats and capes and revealed an array of elegant dresses suitable for a "Hotter" environment. Models wore a number of pieces, once again with the same blue, red and black colour scale either in satin, felt, lace, chiffon or leather which were the main materials used. Many models sported either a leather or felt corset detail belt which gave the outfits an extra edge. 

A piece that caught our eye was a dress that we dubbed the tube dress since it had two tube like features on the models waist.

Another dress which caught our eye was a sexy strapless striped dress embellished with circular discs giving that playful edge to the outfit. Another reason why this outfit caught our eye was because I own a pair of red and purple colour block shoes exactly like the model was wearing!

We particularly liked two pieced which had a lace detail on the front of the dress, one of which had a lace detail up until the bust area of the dress whilst the other hand a lace detail from the bust area all the way down to the end of the dress.

One particular one shoulder dress caught our eye, the black with glitter fabric was absolutely stunning and the lace skirt complimented the dress beautifully.

By far our two favourite pieces were probably the most simple pieces of all the dresses but the long elegant black gowns caught our eye especially for the diamond details in the dresses, one dress had a beautiful strap going all the way down to the back of the dress whilst the other dress had a diamond detail just on the side of the dress.

The final two chiffon dress caught our eye especially for the floral details they had, both of which had a black base however one of the dresses had blue floral details whilst the other had a mixture of  polka dots and floral details on the bust with floral details all along the dress which represented the matching polka dot coat the model was wearing in the first part of the show.

All in all Charles & Ron's "So Hot, So Cold" collection was elegant, chic and truly a pleasure to watch!

The Fabulous Team XOXO

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