Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catrice - Ultimate Colour in 190 The Nuder The Better Review

Hi sweets!!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week !! :(

Today, I'm reviewing one of the Catrice lipsticks that we were given at the Essence 10th anniversary and Catrice launch party :)

One can find some Catrice nail polishes for sale, but the whole make-up and nail polish range is not yet available in Malta until March/April. I personally can't wait because, having seen the whole stand with my own eyes, all I can say is that the major make-up brands like Rimmel, L'oreal and the like have to watch out!!

My Catrice wish list will be up soon. I still can't decide :):)

Ok, now on to the review.

 It has 3.8g of product and the packaging is very professional looking and the material is not cheap. It feels slightly heavy.

I glided well on my lips and felt creamy. It has a shiny finish. It feels like having lip balm on. It's kinda nice, I like it.

Even though this is a nude colour, it definitely doesn't look like a concealer. It's more of a pinkish nude.

I compared it to another nude lipstick:

The one on the left is Rimmel 700 Nude Delight. The one on the right is Catrice The Nuder The Better.

  It looks matt here, but it's not!

 This is a better pic, as you cans see that it's not matt.

Staying power: 

It only started fading after an hour. Here's a pic I took after an hour:


That's all for now! If you want me to review something in particular from what we were given (Catrice or Essence), please let us know!!

Denise XOX

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