Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catrice Ultimate Colour & Ultimate Shine Lipstick Collection with swatches!!

Hi Guys!!

As you know I am currently obsessing over the Catrice lipsticks so much so that I own 10, yes 10! lipsticks and I plan to buy the whole range since I am in love with these lipsticks.

I was talking to the two Laras the other day and they wanted to see my whole collection of the lipsticks, so this one is for you ladies!

Catrice have launched two types of lipsticks, the Ultimate Colour Range and the Ultime Shine Range.

What is the difference between these two ranges? Simple! The Ultimate Shine Range have an added shine to them sort of like applying lipgloss on top of your lipstick apart from the Ultimate Shine having a Silver Packaging whilst the Ultimate colour has a sleek black packagining.

How would I describe the Catrice Lipstick range in general?
  • Great selection of colours
  • Bang on trend
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Sleek, professional packaging
  • Reasonably priced
  • Some shades have a long staying power, I end up with a hint of the lip colour till the end of the day most of the time :-)
One thing which I did not like about these lipsticks is they tend to get a bit messy, especially the ultimate shine range where I tend to get lipstick going on the tube however it is not fully messy! This might be since they are highly pigmented.

I have also swatched all my lipsticks for you, please excuse my different expressions but these were taken across 10 days hehe :)

Ultimate Shine

 Corallicious Pink, Shy Flamingo, Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss
Shy Flamingo
Corallicious Pink
Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss

Ultimate Colour
Ginger & Fred, Lobster Love, Pink Me Up!, Frozen Rose, The Nuder The Better, More is More, Pinkadilly Circus
Pinkadilly Circus
Pink Me Up
Lobster Love
More is More
Frozen Rose
The Nuder the Better
Ginger & Fred

Denise has reviewed these lipsticks in more detail, you can find the reviews on the Ultimate Shine lipstick in Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss HERE whilst you can find a review on the Ultimate Colour lipstick in The Nuder the Better HERE

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  1. Thank you so much for this post Mar!! I think I will have to get More is More lol and a few others :P

  2. Ahh <3 Lovely post Mar <3
    We need to go again someday ! Thanks to you :P fell in love with these lipsticks and I need moreeeeeee !

  3. @Lara no problem xx! @reb yesss meta trid xxx

  4. it's unbelievable kemm twallek xaghrek mar!!! :) nice!! ... ehhh catrice lipsticks are beautiful vera!!! though to buy a whole lot f'daqqa, i do find them a bit expensive... one is round 4 eur ghandikun hux? mhux expensive hafna fil-verita, imma with 2 lipsticks, you already have round 10 eur!! biex tixtri the whole collection i'd neeed hafnaaaa euro!! hallieha li my make up collection is worth a lot of euro already!!

  5. u kif! ija xi 4.50 imma they are worth it! I use them everyday

  6. gorgeous collection! I am definitely going to try more lipsticks from catrice. I totally agree on your opinions about them!
    And by the way your blog is lovely!
    BAMBIQ from http://dailyramblingsandvisualizations.blogspot.nl/