Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nail Polish Organisation

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately I have been very busy however fret not I have thought of a number of posts for you!

My dear friend Maria ( who is probably one of our biggest fans :-p xx) was very kind to give me a some nail art circles after she showed me her awesome nail polish collection which she organised by these nail art circles.

I wasn't sure how I was going to organise them however I watched a number of youtube videos to get an idea on how to organise them. I decided to go by brand since if I organised them by colour then I might have a problem with the colour scale should I buy new colours. I have more nail polishes than the below however this is my "private" collection since they are aren't the nail polishes I share with my mum, I organised them in the following way:

  • essence
  • Catrice
  • Limited Edition
  • Other


If not stated, please assume that the polish is from the Colour & Go collection, I will list them from the red glitter polish to the blue glitter polish and so on.

  • Time for Romance
  • Blue Addicted
  • Glamorous Life
  • C'est La Vie
  • Irreplaceable
  • Colour 3 polish- Shopping Trip in Soho with Party all Night Long on top it
  • Colour 3 polish- Party all Night Long
  • Colour 3 polish- Shopping Trip in Soho
  • Multi dimension 3 in 1 polish- Coconut Kiss
  • Nude glam polish- Iced Strawberry Cream
  • Nude glam polish- Toffee to go
  • Nude glam polish- Cafe ole
  • No more drama
  • Break Through
  • Where is the party?
  • Modern Romance
  • Date with the night
  • Meet me now

Left to Right::

  • Dulce & Havanna
  • Fred Said Red
  • Marilyn & Me
Limited Edition

These polishes are essence & Catrice limited edition polishes, starting from left to right:

  • essence Vampire's Love- Gold Old Bufy
  • essence re-mix your style- Show me the way
  • essence re-mix your style- Maybe I'm Amazed
  • essence re-mix your style-Stairway to heaven
  • essence re-mix your style Pop top coat- Just can't get enough
  • essence Cute as Hell- Date you
  • essence Cute as Hell- Not just cute
  • essence Cute as Hell- Bad girl
  • Catrice Big City Life- New york
  • Catrice Big City Life- Berlin
  • Catrice Big City Life- London

  • China Glaze- Bad Landing
  • MUA-Shade 8  (given to me by Maria!)
Hope you liked this post!! These wheels have now made my decision to choose a polish much more harder since I want to wear all of them now hehe!!

Till next time!


o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOXO


  1. Lovely colours xxxxx loved d pic with the nailpolish around the colour wheel ;)

  2. great collection!

    i've got the catrice limited edition - berlin

    Really great colour!

  3. Thanks girls!! Yes I agree Berlin is an amazing colour!

  4. I am getting more cofused as to which color nail polish is best for me....
    - Wedding Hair and Makeup

  5. That's what happens hehe I spent ages trying to decide what nail colour to put on this week! :-)