Thursday, July 14, 2011

Current Beauty and make-up favourites


Oh my God it’s been AGES since we’ve last posted!! We are so sorry , but we have been so busy, and Martina having uni exams and all.. any way , we promise you we will keep our blog updated from this moment on!

We thought about making this post about our current favourites, make-up, beauty and all. Please tell us your favourites on the comment box below! 
Enjoy ;)

·        Denise:

My favourites include make-up, face care , hair care and even a deodorant!

I had some blonde lights done to my hair and I bought a shampoo and conditioner for keeping them bright and shiny and keep orange tones at bay. They are by Umberto Giannini and they smell devine! Even the silver shampoo by ISO smells quite nice but the others, omg!! The best smell ever plus it lasts!

I have bought a hair sun protection by Matrix Biolage which smells awesome as well. And won’t ruin your blow dry, because this version is oil-free. Love it!

Won’t  go out without my La Roche Posay tinted sunscreen 50+. My skin is good so it gives me enough coverage, though I like to sweep some powder over my entire face.

I am really happy with this Neutrogena 2 in 1 face wash/mask!! It leaves my skin feeling clean and haven’t had a breakout in a long long time. Awesome!

I’m also really really happy with The Body Shop’s Vitamin E eye cream. I’m using it morning and night. It really helped my under eye circles.

I’m currently using this Nivea eye make-up remover and it’s really good , although be sure not to use loads of product at once because it stings!!

I bought  Sleek Pout Polish in Sugar May after Dyna recommended it and I don’t regret buying it! The tub is huge, product super silky and smells lovely!!.

This La Senza ‘Undiscovered’ perfume screams SEXY!! Love love love this scent!! 

Nothing smells more like summer than this Yamamay spray.Beautiful.

This is my favourite deodorant so far because it makes you smell like talc, and it really lasts!

I love my Revlon beyond natural foundation! It comes out white but adapts to your skin colour when you rub it in your skin. Awesome.

This is the best toner so far and it’s super cheap! Smells really nice.

Elf ( have come awesome mineral lipsticks! This one is in Cool Coral and its super nice! They are smooth, not matte and don’t make your lips look flaky. Love it!

A couple of lip glosses I’m digging atm are ELF mineral lip gloss in bare and Revlon Gloss in Peach Petal. Nice nice nice.

I have been using Layla blusher everyday. Nicely pigmented and blends beautifully!

 That's all for me. :)

  • Martina
Hey guys so sorry we haven't posted in ages but I was soo busy with my university dissertation, exams and assignments plus I had to finish off my make up course that I didn't have the time to create any posts. So first things first you may now call me a Professional Make Up Artist :-p and a University Graduate!! :-D

So on to my current favourites:

1st Row: e.l.f HD Powder- I not only love this powder but I adore it!! not only does it minimise fine lines and pores it really comes out great in photos! I've used this powder in all my make up course looks!!

2nd Row: e.l.f Studio Warm Bronzer- I love this Bronzer since its a not to in your face bronzer and its very natural!

3rd Row: e.l.f Natural Radiance blusher in Glow- Absolutely stunning I always end up doing this blush I just adore the colour!

4th Row: Sleek Palettes in Bohemian and Jewels- These have the most beautiful colours in them. Bohemian has a range of colours which are really bright and summery whilst jewels is a fairly glittery palette focusing on silvers and blues.

5th Row: Maybelline lipstick in I Love Plum- I was a bit sceptical since it was plum but it is a very natural plum and it enhances the natural lip colour ;

 Revlon Photo ready foundation in 004 Nude- funny story, I used this foundation on a friend of mine for a make up look (it was her personal foundation) and I absolutely loved its pay off that I ended up buying it for myself unfortunately since I tanned its a bit too light for me now but great coverage and great payoff!;

 e.l.f Studio Make up Mist and Set- The love of my life I absolutely love it I always realise theres something missing when i forget to spray it on my face since it sets my make up beautifully and keeps my make up from running;

 Revlon Super Lustrious Lipgloss in Pink Kisses- I normally hate glosses but I always end up applying this since the colour goes on amazing with any pink/plum lipstick I apply!

That's all from us! Looking forward to write more blog posts for you!

The Fabulous Team xoxo

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  1. I am so glad you love that sleek pout polish :D Love your faves girls x