Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review: Tool Turnabout

Hi Ladies,

So sorry I haven't posted in a while!

Today I am going to talk about the Tool Turnabout which I won from R8Beauty. Unfortunately my first tool turnabout got lost in the post and I contacted R8Beauty and they were kind enough to send me a replacement!

So basically I entered a giveaway which was giving away this innovative brush holder which was originally used to store kitchen tools and I thought to myself that would be awesome to win since the way in which I stored my brushes was in 4 different mugs since I stored used eye brushes and face brushes in 2 separate mugs and clean eye brushes and face brushes in another 2 separate mugs so the idea to having quite a hug amount of storage space was quite intriguing!

Anyway I ended up winning this product and I have to tell you I am absolutely in love with it! First things first this is how the tool turnabout arrived:

and this is how Pampered Chef packages the product

when you open the box you can see that it's quite protected

and this is how I stored my brushes

Basically I stored my brushes like before having the bottom row filled with used brushes and different compartments for different brushes and the top rows for clean brushes.

I absolutely love this product especially the turning function of it all, it is so feasible and makes finding a brush more easy!!

If you would like to purchase the Tool Turnabout you can do so from Pampered Chef ( Direct Link- Tool Turnabout) and also don't forget to join the R8Beauty Facebook Page.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

o.b.o The Fabulous Team 

*Disclaimer: I received this product for free since I won a giveaway and I am in no way affiliated to any company mentioned in this review and this has been my true and honest opinion*

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  1. I really would have loved to win this! It looks so convenient :)

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair