Friday, March 4, 2011

I love soap!

THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!  Who's going to Valletta to watch Carnival shows? Not that I am a carnival fan or anything.. I might go sometime on Saturday or Sunday . . (and NO - I'm not going to be dressed as anything!)   haha . .

Anyways . . I thought on sharing my thoughts and discoveries of this week . . .SOAP! I never looked at soap twice...but since joining Charlene's Soap Cafe group on facebook, and reading her blog, I got so interested! Then I  decided to check out her shop in Sliema and I got hooked ..!   (links to her  Facebook group, blog and online shop will follow)

When I opened the door, the first thing that struck me was .. OMG these soap smell so unbelievably good!! And they look so pretty too!! (some of them look like cakes! - how awesome is THAT??)  PLUS the shop's owner, Charlene is such a friendly woman! She offered me some herbal tea and was such a great help on explaining to me different kinds of soap and their use, ingredients and benefits! Besides soap, there are also some herbal and loose leaf teas, essential oils and herbal remedies.  She also does massages and holds soap-making workshops and more.

Her products are free from Mineral oils or other BI products,Parabens, SLS and Animal fat. Most importantly, none of her products re tested on animals.

I bought a  Green clay and tea tree body and facial soap ( see pic above).
Here is the description from her online shop : 
An all natural antiseptic bar made with with tea tree and absorbent green clay. This bar also contains nourishing hemp oil and calendula to sooth any chapped skin. A great soap for people on the go, who love going to the gym or workout, and just want one product to wash their hair, face and body. Great for all skin types. Suitable for Vegans

Since I have combination skin, this was perfect for me for it's cleaning and nourishing properties. I wash my face with this morning and night and I love the feeling of my skin afterwards! So smooth, clean and fresh . . I totally left my Nivea cleaner in the cupboard!! (and will definitely stay there for now!!) 
 Since it is also suitable for vegans (I am newly vegan - since about 3 weeks), it's perfect. I'm slowly transitioning to vegan , cruelty-free products (more details will follow in future blogs).

Will definitely recommend this soap to all that have combination skin!

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That's all for now

Denise O.B.O The Fabulous Team xoxo

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  1. Forget Nivea & similar products, they are full of cancerous chemicals like sls, paraben, etc...

    Next time try some jojoba or coconut soap, they are great for both face & hair.