Thursday, March 3, 2011

Common beauty mistakes..

Common Beauty mistakes (that I personally can’t stand!!)

Hey there again! Two blog posts in one day today !

  So, sometimes, my family say I’m a beauty/food freak…haha. Although I will speak about food in other blogs later on,

Here, today, I will talk about some beauty mistakes that we all sometimes do ;)   Not only that, but also some help on how to avoid/resolve them.

I will divide them in categories. Make-up, skin , hair and nails.


·        Over-plucked eyebrows:  This happened to me recently!! While I was shaping my eyebrows, I kind of over plucked and ended up with really thin eyebrows LL Thanks God, now, they are growing back YAAAYYY!!

 Anyways, Barely there brows can leave you with a startled look . (not so nice) Use a soft brow powder ,  pencil (I love eyebrow pencils by Nee) or gel to thicken brows or fill in holes while your grow them back – a harsh line of pencil could look fake. Use a firm-bristled brow brush and short,light dashes to apply the colour, then brush through. If you are not confident shaping your brows, use a brow stencil (try E.L.F eyebrow shaper : )or visit a professional.

·        Too-dark foundation:  How I hate it when I see people look like they have a mask on!! It looks so so bad!!  If you were in a hurry, and ende up with this look, try this:  rub moisturiser over your face and neck to create a softer, tinted effect, and wipe a tissue around your jaw line to blend in hard lines.

To avoid a mistake like so, always check what your foundation looks like in the daylight. To test the shade, apply to your jaw, chin and neck. The correct shade will blend with your skin tone without leaving any visible outline. DON’T test foundation on the inside of your wrist (like a lot do) because it’s not the same colour as your face!

·        Visible lip liner :  This is what I call the drag queen or call-girl offence! A thick line of lip liner is drawing attention to your clumsy handiwork and isn’t enhancing your pout! Instead of wiping away the colour with a tissue, which could stain your outer lip line, apply lip balm and rub it with a tissue for a tinted gloss effect.

Girls, lip liner shouldn’t be obvious, it’s there to fix your lipstick and prevents it from bleeding over your lip line.

·        Applying lipstick to chapped lips: This may happen especially in winterm when it’s really cold and our lips are dry . . I found QV lip balm so good I cannot replace it.It also has SPF. Can you ask for more?  

Never apply lipstick if your lips are chapped, as it may aggravate the condition. Instead use a lip balm, to keep your lips moist and soft. If despite all you want to use a lipstick, apply a lip balm before the lipstick to give your lips moisture. Gentle exfoliation with a mild exfoliator and a toothbrush may help you but do it once or twice a week.


·        Squeezing spots :  You’ve picked a minor spot and it has erupted into a major volcano. Sounds familiar ? I think so!! Smooth a yellow-toned antibacterial concealer over the spot to reduce redness.
Girls, take care of your complexion if you’re prone to problem skin. Use an oil free acne facial wash, exfoliate once a week and apply a clay mask or so once a week as well. As foundation, wear an oil-free one.

·        Sleeping in your make-up: This one is BIG no-no!! It’s crucial for your face to remove make-up and thoroughly cleanse your face before hitting the pillow, if you want beautiful skin – that is! Avoid waking up with panda eyes and dry, flaky , congested skin. But if you do (don’t do this a lot!!) ,  remove your make-up with a suitable cleanser and eye make-up remover. Boost your circulation with a splash of cool water , then moisturise and apply a brightening balm to fake a radiant glow

What’s your excuse? Because I arrived late at night and I was so tired blah blah blah … Keep a pack of cleansing wiped by your bed to use when you are too tired for your usual cleansing routine (i.e not to be done everyday!) Use one wipe for eyes and lip and another for your face – remember to wipe around your jaw line and under your chin to remove hidden dirt.

·        Fake tan palms: This usually happens after a D.I.Y tanning session ! Your freshly applied self-tan looks great, but the palms of your hand are bright orange..! Cut a lemon in half and rub it over the fake tan stains and rinse thoroughly.

Also, try to avoid this : 

Wear latex gloves when applying self tan to protect your hands from stains, or wash your hands frequently during application, to prevent prolonged contact with the product. 


·        Greasy hair: I suffer from greasy hair unfortunately. Usually a couple of days after I get my hair done LL. Dust a little dry shampoo (I use one by Lee Stafford) onto the roots then work it loosely through your hair with your fingers.If you don’t have any dry shampoo,talc powder hairspray can reduce excess oil – spritz it over your hair, then rush it out with a natural bristle brush.

If you use a lot of products, wash your hair regularly with a deep cleansing shampoo – product build-up can aggravate the scalp and stimulate oil production. Only apply conditioner to the lengths of your hair and NOT the scalp.

·        Obvious roots:  If you have left it too long between highlights or colour, your hair will look cheap not cheerful. Put your hair in a zig zag parting, or pull it straight off the face so the eye only sees the root and not contrasting colour. Hide very bad roots with a hair band or hair scarf.

Regular colour top-ups are essential, especially If you hair is more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour.

·        Flaky scalp:  I don’t suffer from dandruff. But I see people quite a lot suffering from it. It’s not pretty, so take care. If your scalp is leaving little white flakes on your clothes, pull it  up in a bun, pony tail or chignon and fix it with hair spray, and change into a pale top – white places will look more noticeable in dark fabrics. Easy!
Wash hair everyday for a week with a mild medicated shampoo.The next week, alternate your regular shampoo with the medicated one until the problem has cleared. From then on, be not to over-apply styling products at the roots, and always thoroughly rinse away shampoos and conditioners, which can irritate a sensitive scalp.


·        Chewing your fingers: Chewing or picking loose skin around your nails can damage your cuticle and leave your skin tone red and sore – not pretty. Regularly smooth an anti-bacterial cream around your nails to keep cuts clean and soothe inflammation.

Use cuticle clippers to trim those skin, and exfoliate once a week and apply cuticle oil to keep them smooth. (I use a cuticle oil by Mavala). Also, apply a hand cream as much as possible to ensure the skin around your nails stays smooth and moisturized. (I currenly use one by Glysolid, but would love to try one by Vaseline nail care.)


·        Washing up without gloves: Harsh detergents and hot /cold temperature can dry out you hands , chip you manicure and damage your nails. (I like the gloves by Vileda). Apply cuticle oil and nail hardener (I use Mavala) and soothe stressed skin with a gentle, fragrance-free hand lotion , massaging it in well.

Always wear rubber gloved for washing up. Apply Vaseline or hand cream first, and massage It in well – the warmth of the water will boost absorption of the nourishing ingredients to give your hands a pampering treat.

·        Ruined manicure: Your perfect manicure looks old and chipped and you don’t have any nail polish remover or nail polish (I love nail polishes by E.L.F and Revlon – beautiful colour, long lasting and dry fast!!) to repair it. Don’t despair. Paint each nail with a clear coat or base coat – the newly added shine will make chips and smudges a bit less noticeable.

Carry a nail polish that matches your manicure for touch-ups. If you love to wear dark or bold nail polish, be ready for unexpected chips with a pack of nail polish remover pads in your bag!
That’s all I could think of at the moment. Feel free to add your own or ask any questions on your comments down below !!

Denise The Fabulous Team xoxo


  1. About the lips... what type of exfoliator would you suggest for exfoliating lips and from where can I buy Qv lip balm?

    thanks :)

  2. Great tips Denise! I empathize with you on these!

  3. @Carla : As a lip exfoliator, I mix a teaspoon of sugar and a little olive oil and voila'! you got yourself a scrub :)

    As for the QV, I bought it from a pharmacy in Kalkara , but I am sure you will find in other pharmacies as well!

    @Lara : Thanks! if you have more of your own, please share!! :):)