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Disguising puffy eyes!

Disguising puffy Eyes

Hello babes!! Sorry for not posting in a LONG time!! I have been so busy, and haven’t had time to blog, but will try to make up for it ;) 

I will be writing on tips and tricks to disguise puffy eyes. Not only that, but also on how to eat well to help the problem) Unfortunately, Even if you sleep like a baby, you might still wake up with puffy eyes  

Puffy eyes are the last thing you want to see in the morning when you look in the mirror.. It can plague anyone, even after a good night’s sleep – 8 hour’s shut eye should help you look bright eyed, but there are no guarantees (although if you are deprived from sleep, the problem would be much worse).

So what exactly happened under the skin? Puffy eyes occur when fluid builds up, and can look worse if you have a cold or suffer from fluid retention (try lymphatic drainage facial and/or massage, which really help for water/fluid retention). Also, please please please drink water until you feel like a water fountain!! No, seriously, water is good for you!!  When you are retaining fluid, you simply can't drink enough water to reduce puffiness. Also avoid beverages with lots of caffeine and bubbly beverages including soda.  (There is nothing in soda that you should put in your body. Drink water and organic herbal teas). (Some women may also suffer from fluid retention before/during their periods, so this paragraph is helpful)

There are also dietary changes you can take to help improve your vision and reduce the likelihood of puffy eyes. Remember we are all a reflection of what we eat. Eat too much sodium during the day and you'll likely suffer from puffy eye syndrome the next day.Instead of normal salt, I personally use Lo Salt or Nu Salt (see pics below). Check what’s in your kitchen might not be helping your skin!!  If you are curious, most people consume far too much sodium, as much as 5,000mg each day. Interestingly, most people should get no more than 2,500mg of sodium every day. Things like stock cubes and ready-to-make soups might be high in sodium, so read the packaging well.

Processed foods contain high levels of sodium , unhealthy saturated fats and chemicals including gluten than may contribute to inflammation. Over time consumption of too many processed foods can leave the body sluggish and unable to eliminate waste efficiently. This can contribute to inflammation and puffy eyes. It also pays to stay away from eating too much red meat and deep fried foods. Instead of eating processed foods, adopt a diet that includes more green leafy vegetables and other produce with high water content (like water melons, oranges and apples). These will all help combat dehydration and eye puffiness.  So girls (and boys) – AVOID junk food as much as  and eat more wholesome and healthy food. (even if you don’t have puffy eyes)

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Regular exercise also helps (if you are not an aerobic kinda girl, try yoga or pilates, or simply go for a walk or join a dancing class or anything fun) Also, try doing eye exercises... sounds a little strange doesn't it but if done correctly, it can help to provide good blood flow to the skin around the eye area and make it softer and supple. Here are some exercises you can include in your facial exercise regime in order to get rid of bags under the eyes:
·        Close your eyes. Relax and then lift your eyebrows. Hold them in this position for about two seconds. Relax them for another two seconds. Open your eyes widely and stay in this position for another two seconds. You need to repeat this exercise for about ten times daily.
·        With open eyes look down, look up, left and right. You should hold your pupil in each of the positions for one second each time. Repeat this exercise ten times.

Sleep. So much talk about sleep. Too much sleep can be just as bad for puffy eyes as too little. Limit yourself to 7 or 8 hours a night and see If it makes a difference. Also, try to sleep wit your head elevated to prevent fluid gathering around the eyes.

Another problem might be because your eye make-up remover might not suit you..! So try a different brand (I currently use one by Avon - LOVE IT!!) , or you could be using out-of-date eye make-up. Also, when was the last time you washed your brushes EH?? 

Do keep a gel-filled eye mask in the fridge for a de-puffing eye treat whenever you need it.

Apply eye gel morning and night ! I am currently using Vichy Aqua Thermal Eye roll on.It’s new from Vichy and on the packaging , there is written :
-For puffiness and dark circles.
- Anti-bag fortifying hydrogel with mineral-rich Vichy thermal spa water.
- Fine dehydration lines are smoothed,under eye bags appear diminished and dark circles are toned down. Visibly fortified, the eye contour feels comforted and soothed. Provides a good base for eye make-up.
- Apply morning and night using the roll on applicator. With your finger tips, gently massage the product in circular motion form the inside of the under eye contour out.

Personally, my under eye skin look better so I would definitely recommend them (along with the rest of the Vichy Aqua Thermal range – I love them, they are so soothing!!).
Now, if you don’t have an eye gel with a roll on applicator, place a little product on the ring finger of each hand into the inner corners of each eye and gently, in a circular motion, continue going out towards your temples.

Now, how can you disguise puffy eyes with some other tricks and make-up?? Here’s how!!:
1.     with a clean base – use the right cleanser and eye make-up remover for your skin type to clear away mascara that you didn’t get rid of last night (naught girl!!), and any oils that have built up while you were asleep.
2.     Dip a cotton wool pad in cold water and sweep it around the eye area. If it’s not cool enough, put it in the fridge for a few minutes. Start at the inner corner and using a light touch, to avoid dragging the delicate eye area, dab to the outer corner. Repeat 3 or 4 times under each eye.
3.     To help disperse the fluid that causes puffiness, gently tap around the eye area. Use the pad of your ring finger and work from the point below your eye’s inner corner all along the orbital bone to the outer corner. Repeat twice for each eye. (do it whenever puffiness reappears).
4.     Now apply a cooling gel under your eyes. Use your ring finger and pat or apply circular movements until it sinks in – if it stays sticky, it might not be right for your skin type.
5.     If you’re short of time, a little make-up can help camouflage puffiness.Using light reflective concealer, dot along the shadow line of the affected area. This will make puffiness stand out less and should also conceal redness. I currently use L’oreal Touche Magique and Maybelline mineral concealer. I love them both!

That’s all here. If you have some other tips that you want to share, please comment!! (even if you have any questions )
Denise The Fabulous Team xoxo

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