Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tried and Tested: Pure Skin Tinted Moisteurizers

Hi All!

I have Tried and Tested the essence Pure Skin Tinted Moisturizers (in light) for the past two weeks! These products were given to us when we went to the essence 10 year anniversary party and they are from the new Pure line targeted to problematic skin.

The product comes in a box showing the new light blue packaging and the pure skin logo and it comes in a tube containing 1.69 fl.oz/ 50 ml of product.

This product is different to other tinted moisturizers since it helps fight spots and blackheads. 

Although it is a somewhat 'medicinal' product usually it has that medicine smell but this product does not.

When I first applied the product it felt really refreshing and I felt some tingling, however, after using the product for a while that sensation goes.

The product is thick in consistency and looks like a foundation when applied, as seen in the below picture

Top- Medium to Dark, Bottom-Light

Although it has a thick consistency, this product goes on very smoothly and feels like moisturizer rather than foundation therefore holding true to it's tinted moisturizer name.

Medium to Dark (left) and Light (right) blended.

This product provides quite good coverage as you can see in the below before and after pictures taken in Natural Light. 

Before & After

As you can see from the photo although it provides good coverage, a concealer is still required to hide blemishes to the full.

I usually apply this product with either the e.l.f Foundation brush (the regular line) or the e.l.f Studio Powder Brush and I apply pressed powder over it.

I tested it to check it's lasting power for a whole day without applying powder. Since I have oily skin my make up usually runs but this product stayed well all day with only a little shine throughout the day, however, since the weather is changing I have realized that it is not staying as well as before so at around 3pm I would have to reapply powder. For people with oily skin I would suggest you put on powder and not leave this product alone..

This product is an oil-free tinted moisturizer therefore, it is targeted to oily skin since oil-free products are targeted to reduce oiliness. Also oil-free products help with problematic skin (tried and tested!! :-))

After two weeks of using this product I have realized that my skin is becoming smoother but I do use other products which have the same effect on my skin however, I have been using those products for quite a while and I started using this product recently therefore I can say that this product is effective for me.

However, people with normal skin may feel that this product is a bit drying for them since the product in itself is targeted to spots and blackheads therefore it is natural that this product has a drying effect.

I really like this product and I really recommend it to people with oily skin and dont't want to stay applying foundation everyday.

I hope you found this review useful!


o.b.o The Fabulous Team

** DISCLAIMER** I got this product free since it was given to me as a promotion however my review is a 100% honest and I would never promote a product if I don't believe it in. I am also NOT PAID to do this review.


  1. Thank you for the review. I too suffer from oily and blackhead prone skin so I will definitely keep it in consideration.

  2. it's great to wear when you don't feel like putting on foundation!

  3. I think i should buy this ta... was using elf tinted moisturizer. am not sure whether it will be much different from this one, but the product being a moisturizer and not a foundation is a big plus for me ... thanks for the post martina :) ps, ha niktibha bil-malti, b'hiex qghadt tippoza ghar-ritratt ee? :P

  4. dak kont adni inqum ta malajr fimtek ta tinkwetax ;-)

  5. :) naf li tifhimni :) hope i get to see you soon xxx