Saturday, March 3, 2012

The NEW All Things Fabulous!!!

Hi Guys!

We are soooo excited to bring you our new layout!!!!

As you may notice we have officially changed our blog name to All things Fabulous since our title was too long!

We have also changed some graphics thanks to our friend Matthew Casha who designed our new logo and banner for us!

Old vs. The NEW!!!!
Our layout is totally new with some HTML changes (thanks to Martina who channeled her inner- web desinger with the help of Google) and also we had some help from Fiona from Cruelty Free Malta with some codes!
Us happy with the finished layout!

Thank you for everyone's help we really appreciate and we hope you like the new layout!

Denise & Martina
The Fabulous Team


  1. Kemm intom helwin :) :) waaaaaaa kemm jien ferhana ghalikom. super super exited. the blog became fabolous!!! :) just as your blog kos. so so fab :) :) and you both look great in the pic! :)

  2. Wow!! Totally impressed with this whole new look :D xx