Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carnival! Angry Birds Make Up!

Hi Guys!!

So if you have been following our Facebook Page & saw my previous haul you would have seen various carnival related posts!!

For all those that weren't following, my friends and I went to Gozo which is the sister island of Malta for Carnival and spent the weekend there. In Malta we usually celebrate carnival quite big and a lot of Maltesers dress up!

We decided to go as female Angry Birds!!

We whole female Angry Bird Clan + Pig!
Our costumes were fairly simple but had a twist on them, we basically printed t shirts and Stephanie (the red angry bird) designed the t shirts herself where she made the angry birds girly! Also, the emphasis was on the make up which yours truly "designed" for each particular individual. We topped it off by putting a feather in our hair ( apart from me... look down to see what I had) and the White angry bird had a Papier Mache 'egg' since the White angry birds shoots egg bombs, the Black angry bird had 2 black 'bombs' since the Black bird is a bomb and the Blue angry bird has two blue tiny birds since she separates in 3!

Make Up

Kim- The Blue Angry Bird
For Kim I got inspired by the blue angry bird by applying a white base eyeshadow from the Sleek Acid Palette, blue glitter which I bought from a shop called Exclusively Nina's (links below) applied with an Eyelure Glitter gel which I didn't know exsisted and I applied feather lashes which I bought from a carnival shop. She then had a winged black eyeliner, blush and a Goldeny yellow lipstick which I mixed myself for all the Angry Birds, I made it with vaseline and I mixed the yellow colour from the Sleek Jewels Palette and some Golden Mineral eyeshadow from e.l.f. I applied the Eylure Black Goddess eyeshadow on her eyebrows and set it with the essence Lash & Brow Gel.

Emma- The Black Angry Bird
For Emma I applied the White eyeshadow from the Sleek Acid Palette, the Eylure Black Goddess eyeshadow and winged it out ( you can see a much clearer picture below) together with black eyeliner. Since the Black angry bird has red eyebrows I filled her eyebrows with the essence Red blush Lip liner and set with the essence Lash & Brow Gel. I applied HUGE black and red lashes which I bought from a Carnival shop and the same lipstick as Kim.
Stef- The Red Angry Bird
For Steph I applied the White eyeshadow from the Sleek Acid Palette Red Glitters from Soap Cafe which were applied with the Eylure Glitter Gel, winged eyeliner, Feather lashes like the ones Kim had and eyebrows and lips like Kims.

Henriette- The Yellow Bird
For Henriette, I couldn't find yellow glitters so I had to get creative. I applied the essence Hot Spot eyeshadow as a base together with the yellow eyeshadow from the Sleek Jewels Palette so add that little glitter however I mixed in a little white glitter so she has that glittery feel! She also had a winged eyeliner and her eyebrows were applied like Emma's since the yellow bird also had red eyebrows however not as harsh as the Black Bird. Her lashes were probably my favourite out of the lot! They were feather lashes with orange spots!! Lipstick was the one I mixed!
Valerie- The White Bird
Valerie was probably the most straight forward make up I did! I used a white eyeshadow as a base from the Sleek Acid Palette, White Glitters from the Soap Cafe, Winged eyeliner, feather lashes and eyebrows like Kim and Steph and lipstick like the rest!
The Pig!
So I was the Green Pig that everyone has to kill haha. Since I did my whole make up I will be listing all the products unlike the previous make ups, for my hair I did bunches for the ears and I wore a mini tiara.


Make Up Forever HD Foundation
e.l.f HD Powder (PS used this on everyone too!)
essence Souffle Touch Blush

essence Jazzed Up eyeshadow
Green Glitters from Exclusively Ninas
essence Black Kohl Pencil
essence Black Goddess eyeshadow as a liner
essence Lash and Brow Gel
Eldora Dual Tone Green Lashes C174


essence Long Lasting Eye pencil in I Have Green (see pics below for a clearer picture of the colour)

The following are clearer pictures of the make up!

Kim and Henriette applying the feather on Steph, note the colours on each of them, they didn't have lashes on yet so they are quite clear!
Applying the MEGA lashes on Emma, as you can see my lips are in fact green and not blue! Note the winged effect of Emma's make up!

A clearer group photo joined by my boyfriend and Steph's Boyfriend. You can see the make up more clear here!

I hope you liked this post!! Please visit the links to Exclusively Nina's Facebook Page and Soap Cafe's Facebook Page


o.b.o The Fabulous Team

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  1. Genius! Really captured the characters! Not just using a quick costume! :D

    Love them! :D