Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Haul

Hi Guys!!

Yesterday I went shopping with Lara from Boffism and I bought some stuff!!!! I finally got out of my comfort zone and I am really excited to wear these things because I needed that extra push to buy things like these so THANK YOU Lara for giving me that extra push!!!


A loose red-ish thin shirt from SHANA

A Cream *Angel Wings* (yes I learnt a new word :-D) shirt with lace sleeves! From SHANA

A *chino* inspired trouser but its a very loose material, the second photo shows the pockets since they're not clear in the picture. From SHANA

A long navy blue cardigan from SHANA
Plain Black Leggings from SHANA
A Valentine's Day present from my boyfriend. It's from Mexx :-)

I have been wanting Blue shoes for AGES so when I saw these babies at Dylons for a very reasonable price I went for it with some encouragement :-P

I absolutely love the Colour Blocking trend and I had seen a similar pair of shoes at New Look but couldn't walk in them but when I tried these on they were so comfortable that I went ahead and bought them!! The first photo is one side of the shoe, the other is the other side of the shoe!! The funny thing was when I went to pay for the shoes I realised that they match my purse and the sales girl at Dylons started laughing!!

A cute Camel boots which I bought for work! I love the fact that the heel is 'woody' and the inside print is soo adorable!


Lately I have been seeing this print on a lot of stuff so I went ahead and bought this case from Accessorize to put my new sunglasses in them, funnily enough they came with a pouch so I might be using it for another pair.

My new pair of sunglasses from Accessorize! They have that kind of cat eye feel and that is why i loved them apart form the fact that if you turn them round they have a purplish/pinkish colour and I love that in sunglasses!! The sides are with a gold studded handle :-)

Hope you liked my haul!!!


o.b.o The Fabulous Team


  1. Lovely haul Mar! I need to go to Dylon's and Shana asap!

  2. great haul !! have to go and check out shana