Friday, February 24, 2012

Almond oil - the secret to healthy hair and skin??

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What a beautiful day we have here in Malta!! You can't possibly be having a bad mood with a day like this. For does who work in an office or something similar, like me, open the door or the window. For those who can't, take your break outside. For those who don't have work, or don't work, seriously, get OUT - it's beautiful outside!! Take a walk, go shopping, meet with a friend, anything!!

So if you've read my other posts, you might have noticed that I love natural  remedies and beauty products. You can't go wrong with them. First of all, they are cruelty free, meaning they have not been tested on animals. They are paraben and chemical free and not bad for the environment. Choose organic when possible.
 Health shops are like heaven for me  :):)

Anyway, today, I would like to talk about something I re-discovered a couple of weeks ago - almond oil. When I was younger, mum used to apply almond oil to my hair, cover it in a plastic bag, leave for some hours and then was it off. 
So, my hair needed a bit of pampering lately, so I decided to buy a bottle of almond oil. I usually buy it from pharmacies, but I think you can find it from health shops as well.

I bought mine from a pharmacy in Mosta for around € 3.00 or so, and it by Bells's. 

Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E and is beneficial in many ways!! Almonds are treasures of some essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium. 

 Besides being a nutritious food, almonds have many cosmetic benefits - to health, skin and hair!! Almond oil is pale yellow in colour and   apart from vitamin E it also contains vitamin D and other nutritious components. Awesome right??

So you may ask, how is it beneficial to the skin??  First of all , almond oil is suitable for any skin types. You do not have to worry how it will react on your skin type. 

Some benefits to the skin include : it moisturises the skin better and deeper , it soothes skin irritation and inflammation , it delays ageing process (I especially like this one - haha), it lightens dark circles under the eyes (best to apply at night before going to sleep) , it relieves dry and itching skin and it cures chapped lips and body rashes.

You may already have used almond oil as a hair mask before, but you probably don't know how it can help your hair. It nourishes hair and smooths hair cuticles and prevents hair fall and balding as it strengthens roots and makes the hair stronger, 
Almond oil also alleviates inflammations and skin irritation. Therefore, applying it to your scalp will prevent itching.

I've heard that in order to get the best results, the oil should be applied in a specific manner. Here’s how you should go about it:

-- Make sure your hair is clean and wet before the application. Warm a few teaspoons of oil by putting it in a bowl and place it in warm water to warm up.

-- While applying, dip your fingers into the oil and run them from the root to the tip. Make sure the oil is evenly distributed.

-- You can leave the oil on for about an hour before washing your hair. For best results, wrap your hair in a warm towel or cover it with a shower cap to increase absorption. Or leave overnight.

--You can then wash and condition your hair as you normally would. 

Girls, also remember that almond oil treatment will be successful only if you apply it at least once a week to arrive at the desired effect.

TIP:  For best results and shiny hair, mix almond, coconut oil and olive oil in equal proportions and apply the combination to your hair.

As for the health benefits of almond oil: 
  • Regular consumption of almond oil helps reduce cholesterol 
  • Nourishes the brain and nervous system 
  • Enhances intellectuality and endurance 
  • Application of almond oil provides relief to strained muscles

And that's not enough!! 

Sweet almond oil can also be used during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks from forming. Stretch marks occur on many pregnant women due to the rapid growth of certain areas of the body. 
The oil is applied to the pregnant woman's thighs, breasts and stomach, areas which are prone to exhibiting stretch marks after birth. Daily massages of these areas with sweet almond oil will give them an elasticity that will help them resist developing stretch lines!

I'm currently using almond oil on my hair and under my eyes before I sleep.  

Do you use almond oil? If yes, please let me know :):)

Denise xx

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