Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TV Time: Once Upon a Time!!

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I have been sick these past few days :(

These past few years I started watching a number of series'. Recently I became familiar with a particular show called Once Upon a Time which is basically a story about fairytale characters in the Modern World!

I absolutely love this show, not only for the story but because I absolutely LOVE the costumes!!!

I decided to start writing up posts on different characters from the show!! Today's post will feature the evilest of queens The Evil Queen/ Regina Mills!

Apart from her costumes, I particularly like her make up, since out of all the characters, she is the only character who sports elaborate make up and hair.

In the real world, The Evil Queen is the Mayor of a fictitious village called Storybrooke which she banished all the fairytale world in. Her costumes pot ray an element of class and power as she holds a wardrobe of chic suits , dresses all in a palette of dark colours mainly in shades of grey, black and dark red.

Regina always looks prim and proper and always has her hair and make up in tip top shape. She sports a chin length bob which is always styled in soft waves together with a flawless face with natural make up but always sporting a dark berry or cherry lip which always reminds me of a dark red apple.

Her fairytale costumes are more elaborate consisting of a number of elegant costumes which scream out superiority and power! High necklines, elaborate long gowns, sparkles and feathers. Again, her costumes all consist of dark palettes of colour however, the Evil Queen has sported a few dark purple costumes.

My favourite two costumes are probably her wedding costume and the dark purple velvet long dress shown in the below pictures.

With regards to her make up, the Evil Queen still sports her dark berry/ cherry lip however it is a stronger colour than the one used in the Modern scenes! Her eyes are probably the most played up, clearly defined with a heavy black eyeliner with traces of silver, purple eyeshadows used to add a bit of sparkle! To finish the look, she has false lashes together with a strong brow.

A few years ago, Mac had come out with the Disney Villains collection which included make up dedicated to the Evil Queen. I realized that a lot of inspiration was taken from this collection, as you can see from the face chart below.

Have you ever watched Once Upon a Time? Who would you like me to feature next?

Martina XOXO

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