Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Diet Diaries- Update 1- Let's Do This!!

Hey Guys,

So, around two weeks ago, I wrote a particular post on a lifestyle change (*cough, cough* diet).

Need a little reminder? Check out my last post here: http://allthingsfabulousblog.blogspot.com/2013/03/starting-new-page-challenge-accepted.html

Today, I will be telling you about my first update and progress from two weeks ago! I am actually writing this on Monday (yesterday) and will only update my measurements and my reaction tomorrow (today). The reason being is that I will have an unbiased view.

I cannot say that these two weeks were easy, however, I cracked the code to this diet... it's all about preparation. Knowing what you will eat and planning for the next day, will help you stick to your goals, big time!

Since I am going to a nutritionist, I obviously have a restricted diet, however, I could indulge in certain "sins" everyday, depending on my mood.

Apart from that, I am not starving, actually I am constantly eating, since this diet requires that I eat regular healthy snacks so I'm always satisfied at the end of the day! :)

Another thing I have learnt is that my fuss over not wanting to eat vegetables is not that bad, I am actually eating healthier and my food is tasting ten times better, no joke!

I am already feeling much better about myself, I am feeling better not only psychically but also emotionally since I am feeling very good with myself that I have managed to stick to my goals! My beautician also commented that my skin is looking much much better and very hydrated compared to before!

I'm quite anxious to see if my hard work paid off, I personally think it did, well I hope it did!

For now I will share some healthy snacks, lunch and dinner choices in order to give you some inspiration for your healthy options! :) I am regularly sharing photos on my Instagram account, so follow me on my journey daily: http://instagram.com/allthingsfab/

Day 1- Dinner on the Go- 2 whole meal pieces of bread filled with Chicken Breast and Gbejna Bajda + 2 Rice Cakes
Day 2- Lunch- Shrimp and Salmon Salad
Day 3- Dinner- I ate Caesar Salad whilst my boyfriend ate a Pizza
Day 4- Lunch- I had a number of grilled veggies with a piece of pork and a side of fruit salad
Day 4- Dinner- Got original with a Chicken Omelet on a bed of Lettuce
Day 5- Snack- Apples dipped in Yogurt
Day 5- Dinner- These Chicken strips are my new best friend, so easy and fast to prepare!

Day 6- Lunch- Another creative omelet, this time with prawns!
Day 7- Dinner- Since my mum cooked a Meat Pie and I cannot take pastry, I just put the meat on a bed of lettuce and gave the pastry to my mum :-D
Day 9- Lunch- Salads never looked this good! 
Day 11- Lunch- A creative Prawn and Egg Club Sandwich 
So... I bid you adieu for tonight (Monday 25th)....

I have been to the nutritionist this morning and I am very pleased that I have managed to follow the diet correctly!! For the next two weeks my diet has changed slightly but still very easy to follow!!

So, I know what you're thinking... did I loose any weight?? See below to find out ;-)

The answer is YES!! I have lost around 2 and a half kilos and 2 and a half inches off my hips and half an inch on my lower hips!! *Cue Happy Dance!*

The past two weeks were definitely worth it! The moment I set my eyes on that weighing scale and inch tape, it was worth all my sacrifices!!

Stay tuned for my next update in 2 weeks!

Martina XOXO

o.b.o The Fabulous Team


  1. Way to go girl!! So pleased for you!

    1. Thanks dear, there's a fire in here!! haha ha tibqalek :p xxxx

  2. wow! Congrats! I would love to lose some kilos too, and I'm thinking of going to a nutritionist as well. This was a really inspiring post...

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I highly recommend it!

  3. so proud of you! :) keep it up! I'm sure you're inspiring a lot of people out there! x

  4. Really happy and proud of you! I love that apples dipped in yoghurt snack, it looks delicious <3

    1. thanks my dear xx It's really good, try the apple pie one with apples, yum!

  5. Fantastic keep up the good work :-)
    Steph x

  6. Way to go Martina! soooo happy for you babe!