Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Idol, Jessie J

Hi Guys,

Today I dedicate my post to one of my favourite singers and idol, Jessie J!

I absolutely love her songs, not only because she has a magnificent voice, but the message that she puts across in her songs, such as Price Tag, are very inspiring!

My appreciation for Jessie J actually came about after I watched this Pixiwoo video where I learnt that Jessie J actually does her own Make Up. (*Fan Girl Level Activated!*)

Anyway, if you follow Jessie J on Facebook or any other Social Media etc, you would know that she was taking part in the Red Nose Day challenge, where many celebrities have come together to raise money for charity by doing a Dare.

The Dare Jessie did was something I admire her for greatly. I already had great respect for this lady however, after this selfless deed, I can truly say that she is my idol! Watch this video below to see what I'm speaking about!

Well Done Jessie, you have such a great heart! It's amazing how great she looks without any hair!

Who's your idol?

Martina XOXO

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