Monday, March 18, 2013

Tried and Tested- Wjcon Corrective Concealer for Redness

Hey Guys,

As you know, around a week ago I visited the Wjcon Make Up Store with fellow blogger Stefy!

Today I will be reviewing the Wjcon Corrective Primer which counteracts redness.
Wjcon Corrective Primer
Check out my video below to see how effective this primer, I test out the primer on camera so that you can see how the primer works against redness!

This product comes in a plastic tube which contains 30 ml of product. The product costs 9.90 euro which is quite worth it for the amount of product you get. Also, compared to other brands which produce green primers, this primer is quite affordable!

The consistency of this product is of a liquid consistency and it looks and smells like a moisturizer. Since this product reduces redness, it is green however this becomes transparent after blending. I usually apply it with my e.l.f Powder Brush since it easier to work it in with it, however, you can opt to use your hands and apply it like a moisturizer.

As a primer, I have noticed that it does smoothen my face and my pores are not visible.

I have used this primer with three foundations namely: Revlon Photoready Foundation, Inglot YSM Foundation, essence Pure Skin Tinted Moisturizer. As you can also see from the video and photos below, this primer does a big difference.When I apply the foundation without the primer I usually need to apply concealer, however, I can go without a concealer when applying this primer as a base.

Before: No Make Up
After: With Wjcon Primer + Revlon Photo Ready Foundation
In order to test out this product, I spent a whole week wearing this primer everyday with the different foundations. Since I have quite long days, I was able to test out how long this product keeps my foundation in place. Usually without a primer, both foundations and tinted moisturizer usually stay put till around lunch time, however, with the primer applied below, my tinted moisturizer stayed till around 2 pm whilst my Inglot foundation stayed put till around 3 pm. The best foundation which stayed on the longest was the Revlon Photoready foundation which stayed put till around 5 pm with a bit of oil on my T-Zone.

If you do not suffer from redness there are 3 other primers which you can opt for:

  • Illuminator- This can be used to highlight the face
  • Purple- This is used for yellow and discoloration
  • Peach- Used for dark circles
If you do not wish to buy the full product, you can opt to buy a tube which can be used as a concealer. 

The only downfall about this product is that the product information is written in Italian which will might be a problem for people who do not understand Italian, however, after browsing their website, I have found information in English.

All in all I really love this product and definitely recommend it to anyone who suffers from redness!

Martina XOXO

*DISCLAIMER*: I have bought this product myself. I am in no way affiliated with the brand or any other brands mentioned. I was not paid to write this review.


  1. it really is great!

    might try it out when i run out of my catrice one