Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TV Time: Once Upon a Time- A look at Snow White/ Mary Margaret

Hey Guys!!

So you all know I love Once Upon a Time and their costume and make up choices, today I am looking at the fairest of them all... Snow White/ Mary Margaret!

In the real world, Mary Margaret is your sweet and delicate School Teacher who as like her character is dresses very prim and proper and always looks soft and caring.

She wears a lot of outfits which remind you of your School teacher when you were really young. Mary Margaret sports a lot of dresses, shirts, cardigans and cute hats.

She is rarely seen with make up, although she does sport a natural pink lip at times and always has flushed cheeks and impeccable skin. Her hair is cut in a short pixie style.

Her fairytale costumes on the other hand are more elaborate however still keeping that innocent feel to her look. She is mostly in white and cream hues although when she is out escaping from the queen, she is in very earthly colours such as brown and green.

Her wardrobe consists of a number of fairy tale dresses and a number of riding outfits with long coats which are fitted at the waist and trousers together with riding boots.

Her make up is probably more evident in the fairytale land where she dubs perfect skin with more rosy cheeks and a darker pinky/ red natural lip. Her hair is kept longer and is always styled in a wavy/ curly style. I absolutely love her hair in the first image below where she has white flowers all over her hair.

Who would you like to take the spotlight next??

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