Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heidi Klum's best beauty looks through the years!

Hi Guys!

Heidi Klum is one hot mama and no one can deny it. Today,  I decided to make a post about her looks through the years, where you can see her ever changing hair styles.

August 1997
A 24 year old Heidi before becoming famous on the fashion scene.

March 2001
Ms. Klum looking radiant. Those bangs totally suit her!

December 2001
 Heidi 9 months later with lighter hair and pretty curls.
December 2002
Longer hair and bright highlights, Heidi rocks a fringe yet again but longer and swept to the side.

June 2003
Not anyone can pull off this beach blond blunt cut, but Heidi sure does!

November 2003
Here, Heidi's one length bob is slightly longer.

September 2004
Almost a year later, Heidi sports a longer layer hairstyle.

February 2005
This edgy updo with kohl rimmed eyes is a fierce, fashion forward look for the Project Runway host.

June 2005
This has to be my favourite yet!! Love love love!

August 2006
 Not my favourite style, but who can deny that Heidi totally rocks this braid crown?

April 2008
Here, Heidi' long bob frames her face nicely.

February 2009
Heidi looking pretty in this slicked back, asymmetrical bob.

April 2010
Omg! Doesn't she look cute with this choppy bob!

September 2012
Here at The Emmy awards, Heidi channels old Hollywood glam at its best!

Which is your favourite look? Mine is definitely the one on June 2005!


Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOX


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  2. Thanks Lorraine!!! Will definitely do it xxx