Friday, January 14, 2011


Hi and Welcome to Beauty, Fashion and all things Fabulous!! We are thrilled to be starting this blog! We have a lot to review an many ideas to share with all of you. We hope you will find our blog useful and please don’t hesitate to ask question we are more than happy to reply! Don’t forget to Follow Us! Enjoy! :-D

The Fabulous Team:


Name : Martina                                                        
Age: 21                                                                  
Where do I Live? Malta                                               

Favourite Beauty Product: Cetaphil Cleanser                                                                                 Favourite Make Up Product: E.l.f 100 eyeshadow Palette                                                                                                
Favourite Hair Product: Tresemme Conditioner            

Must haves: A good make up remover, foundation,      
a selection of different eye shadow colours, eyeliner,   
a natural bronzer and lipstick.

Hi! Welcome to our blog! You might know me from my Youtube channel tinav2407 but due to other things I had to stop making videos. For people that don’t know me I am an aspiring MUA and I have done 2 courses at an institute here in Malta and I am now doing a professional Make Up Course with VTCT focusing on Fashion and Photographic Make Up.

We hope you find our blog informative!

Name : Denise
Age: 20
Where do I Live? Malta

Favourite Beauty Product: Body Lotions especially M&S  
Favourite Make Up Product: Eye Liner- Revlon Colour Stay in Black
Favourite Hair Product: Bain de Terre Serum

Must haves: Cleanser , Toner , Moisturizer , scrub, eyeliner, mascara and Concealer.

Hello dear bloggers! Unlike Martina, this is my first time! Though I have always wanted,have never made any videos or blogs. So here we are! I have a beauty therapy course and have loved and used make-up for as long as I can remember.



  1. Hello you two :P
    Just followed you. Good Luck sweeties xx

  2. thank you pupa! hope you like what we have in store for you :-D

  3. Good luck girls! It's great to see more Maltese bloggers over here! xxx