Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Storage Haul!

Hi Guys!

So Denise and I went a little shopping this week since we had been wanting to get some good storage stuff for ages so we were talking on msn and went to a Maltese store that sold household goods! 

So we both bought similar things, first off we both wanted plastic drawers to store our make up so we went straight to that aisle and we found the most adorable Hello Kitty Drawers which at first I bought two and Denise bought one whilst she also bought these cute Hello Kitty containers, around two days later we returned and I bought another two hello kitty drawers and two containers, below you can see how I set up my purchases:

aren' they the cutest things?

I also bought a shoe rack (well its more of a shoe hanger type thingy) which you can see below:

And this is how I hung it up well actually my dad did all the work!

And last but not least not really storage but thought I'd share it with you I bought these awesome high heeled shoes from asos they were a little tight but I'm managing to break them in slowly slowly :-D

ignore the lovely mess :-p

That's all for now!

Martina o.b.o of The Fabulous Team

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