Sunday, November 13, 2011

Soft, smooth, polished hands!

Hello Ladies!!

What a lovely Sunday afternoon  :):)
Personally, whether it's summer or winter, I want my hands and feet to look gorgeous!! It does take a little effort, but it's worth it!!

Do you struggle to keep your hands looking good? Truth is, women you know with really nice hands probably do one thing extra that maybe you don't - they give their hands a little extra attention.

There's no doubt that all your hard labour , the washing up etc, has an effect on your hands and the way they look....but set aside a few minutes every week and we can all have fabulous hands :)

 - What to do:  EVERYDAY

Take a few minutes to apply a hand cream with an SPF, and you'll instantly have softer hands while avoiding age spots down the line!! Your poor hands are exposed to UV everyday, and because there is very little fat density around the back of the hands, they very quickly show the signs of age.

The ideal nail length is also the easiest to manage. Short, trimmed and filed to the length of your finger tips, with gently rounded corners. Don't file the sides.

Get your cuticles into good condition!! It's the hallmark of great nails girls! Massage a bit of oil or cream anytime you remember. Try Handmade Naturals Pure Cold Pressed sweet almond massage oil - EUR 9.75 from

- What to do: ONCE A WEEK

File nails to prevent breaking or splitting. Nails are made up of several fine layers, so no matter how good your nails, if you let them grow continually, the weakened ends will split as layers start to separate.


Try this hand scrub to brighten cuticles and hands:
Mix 4 tbsp each of honey and brown sugar, and 3 to 4 drops of essential oil (I like lavender). Massage on to hands. Leave on for about 15 minutes then rinse.

-->> Your essential DIY manicure:

1. Start by filing your nails into a neat, short length.

2. Condition your cuticles, either by warming some almond or olive oil in water and soaking your finger tips for 4-5 minutes, or using a scrub ( like the ones above! - or try OmOils Calming body polish - Eur 14.85 from Massage your hand and also the cuticle area. Let the treatment soak soak into the skin and rinse off.

3. Gently push cuticles back, now that they are softened.Remember, skin is elastic, so a nourishing cuticle treatment will make the skin more supple. Use circular motion to gently pick the cuticle up off the nail bed.

4. Massage in cuticle cream or oil, then take a cotton pad soaked in polish remover and wipe over the nail. This is called 'squeaking', this primes nails before polish!

Thats all girls, but before I finish this post, here are some  of my favourite DIY beauty websites:-

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