Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rhassoul cleansing clay

Rhassoul Cleansing clay (although on the product, it's written as Ghassoul)

Hello Eveyone :):)

As I have told you in a previous post, I love Soap Cafe shop! All the natural products and lovely good-smelling soap . . .I'm sure everyone would! The shop has recently moved and on Monday, I had some free time and decided to go check out the place.
 Awesome as always of course! Charlene, the shop  owner is very friendly and so helpful. She really knows her stuff...impressing!!

Anyways. So, I bought a sample size of base oil with drops of an essential oil (forgot the name  . . ) to try and ghassoul clay.

Rhassoul clay, found only deep beneath the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, has been used for over 1,400 years as a natural beauty treatment for skin and hair. Even nobles in ancient Rome and Egypt took advantage of this remarkable beautifying clay.Cool...!
 This clay has a unique ability to absorb tremendous amounts of water, which makes it ideal for cleansing and detoxifying the skin.
But perhaps the best part about Rhassoul clay is what it doesn't contain: no petrochemical derivatives, no synthetic preservatives, no surfactants or artificial colors ... all of which are common in all commercial soaps  and cleansers. YAAAYY :):)

 I was looking for a scrub and she suggested this one because of my skin type (combination). I bought it for  € 7.00.

This product comes in a 200 grams plastic tub. It has no smell. 

Basically, it can be used as a scrub mask and also for the hair!!  She said that to use it as a scrub, I have to add a teaspoon of clay  to a little water (always water first).
She also suggested to add some sugar and/or some oil (like olive, almond or coconut).

To use it as a mask, simply add the clay to a little water. Apply top face and neck and leave it for about 10-15 minutes.

I have tried it yesterday and discovered that the less water you put, the better. Otherwise, It may come too liquidy  and then, you would have to add even more clay.... and then you'll end up with too much product. It's not good to waste  ;)

I left it for 10 minutes before washing it off with water. My face felt a bit tightened a little after applying it. It was a little uncomfortable, but beareable.
I removed it with 2 facial sponges. I left them a but wet as it's a bit  difficult to remove otherwise. If you don't have facial sponges, you can just splash water and rub your face with your fingers.

And voila'!! Super soft and smooth skin. I love this stuff. It's genius. And natural :)

I highly recommend this product!! Also, go check out Soap Cafe and take a look at her site :

Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOX