Saturday, February 11, 2012

KISS & MAKE-UP Pure make-up launch and vintage clothes at Soap Cafe. .

Hi everyone!!

So today, me and Martina went to the Pure make-up launch at Soap Cafe in Sliema, which I really love, as you can see from previous posts :) It all started at 10am, till 3:00pm.
We, together with Fiona (from Cruelty Free Malta) Lara (Boffism) , her cousin and a couple of friends, stayed for around 2 hours !!

The first thing you'll notice when you enter the shop is , first, OH MY GOD everything smells soooo nice and second, AAAHHHH everything is so cute!!

I think this make-up range was a very good idea, I mean, the shop has loads of good stuff for the face,body and all, like hand-made soaps, oils, natural shampoos, conditioners , scrubs and what not, and I think natural make-up is what was missing!! I mean, with all the bad stuff that there is in our every day make-up (and the rest of the things we use - mind you), it's good to find one more place to buy some good stuff.

So this is the make up stand. There were mineral foundations, blushers, concealers, eye-shadows and lipsticks, lipglosses and mascaras. Basically, all the make-up that you need ! But I do hope she will be having a more selection of colours :):)

I really want to try out the yellow mineral concealer!! It will be my next buy :)

Besides the make-up launch, Lara Schembri from Hey-Birdie-pie-Vintage and Second-hand had loads of BEAUTIFUL clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories available for sale !! I think it would be awsome if it wasn't for this time only , I mean, I think it's a good idea if she could sell from there :) but I talked to her and hopefully, she will have things for sale online in the near future!

me in a hat I really really liked :)

I reserved a dress and a coat for myself (I think they are from the early 70's) !! Lara bought a realllyyyyyyy nice 80's jacket! (which I'm sure she will be blogging about so stay tuned!)

They were also generous to have tea and sweets for everyone there, which by the way, were delicious!!

Martina and her jam tart

me with my carrot cake yummyyy

Here are some random pics that I have taken around the shop :)    :-

This is all soap!!

We we also given a Free consultation worth EUR 15 with every aromatherapy treatment booked with Aroma Treasures !!

 Lara, Fiona and myself. ( there were quite a lot of people by the time we were ready to leave so we went out while Martina was buying some glitters :):)  )

So we had so much fun today, the atmosphere was nice and friendly, Charlene (shop owner), Lara ( Hey Birdie Pie) and Marika (Aroma Treasures) were super friendly as well PLUS we had some yummy treats!!

We all went to see the shops in Sliema afterwards and I bought a top and a dress from Zara. Pictures will be up tomorrow :):)

That's all for now. Please let me know what you think about my dress and all :)

Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOX


  1. Was lovely meeting you girls:)) Glad you liked the carrot cheese cake muffins:) If you want I can send you recipe lovely:))

    1. Hey Marika, I'd love it if you send me recipes for the orange balls and the heart shaped ones as well!!

  2. Awww you got some great photos. I went a long just after lunch time and the place was packed. I could hardy move!!

    Picked up some goodies that i'll be blogging about later.

    Great post.

    Elle xx

    1. aww too bad :(:( we were there at like, 10:35! By the time we left a couple of hours later, it was packed to the full!
      Looking forward to your post!!
      Great blog btw!!