Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are you keeping your beauty resolutions?

Good morning everyone!! 

Today’s post will be about something that (almost) everyone does at the end of the year . . . RESOLUTIONS!! 
Yes, I know we are already in March, but I know from personal experience that not everyone starts doing theirs from January 1st . . . or even February . . .   Does that sound like you?  Don’t worry, nothing is lost! Start today!! 

I will be talking about beauty resolutions of course!! But first, I will tell you what my beauty resolutions were:

-         Apply a hair mask or almond oil every week
-         Get a trim every  4 months
-         Try using more natural beauty remedies (examples no shampoos etc)
-         Cleanse, tone and moisturise daily
-         Avoid using cleansing wipes
-         Moisture face and body daily
-         Scrub whole body twice a week
-         Scrub and apply face mask once or twice a week
-         Remove and apply a fresh coat of nail polish when the current polish is chipping

That sounds like a lot right? Some I’m already doing and some I’m working on :)  

Now I am going to write other resolutions that I could think of from other people’s experience.


I will take off my make-up every night
       -         Leaving on make-up overnight is a big beauty no-no, as it will clog pores and cause blemishes.            If you don’t like to fiddle with cleansers, at least keep a facial wash or keep cleansing wipes by your bed for those very late nights, though I would keep using cleansing wipes to a minimum.

I will exfoliate once a week

-         As we get older, skin gets more sluggish and dead skin cells can build up because the skin stops shedding as frequent as it did when we were younger. When you exfoliate, you are giving your skin a boost,  revealing a fresher surface below. Remember to use a scrub that is suitable for the delicate skin on your face.DON’T use a body scrub on your face.

I will moisture my skin daily

-         In the morning, you might be in a hurry and just slap on your make-up. Guys, how many seconds does applying a thin layer of moisturiser on your face before applying make-up take?? Besides keeping your skin smooth, and probably also protecting against harmful rays if it contains SPF, it makes blending foundation and concealer easier.


I will spring-clean my make-up bag

-         Do you actually use that awesome shocking pink lipstick that you bought just because it’s pretty? Are you really using that mascara from a year ago? Ladies, every now and then, we do need to spring-clean our make-up case. Besides saving you time, it also clears up place for your new and fabulous make-up. I think it also makes sense to keep a separate bag where you keep you daily make-up essentials.

I will make use of my make-up brushes.

-         Some eye-shadows and blushers come with a small applicator. You know what I’m talking about? Good. Just don’t use them!! No, Seriously.
If you have as stash of make-up brushes but don’t use them, please start using them because they are designed to simplify things! Your make-up will look smoother and more precise. And don’t forget to clean them to avoid germs and infections!!

I will not cake it on

-         You may think that topping up your powder, blusher or powder during the day does not do any harm but unfortunately, by doing that, you risk clogging up your skin, lashes and lips. Combat shine with blotting papers, use a tinted lip balm rather than re-applying lipstick and apply mascara just to the tips of the lashes.


I will apply a hair mask every week

-         Frequent washing and styling mean our hair may loose its lustre. An intensive mask on a weekly basis will deeply moisture our hair making it more shiny and healthy.

I will protect my hair from styling

-         Using heat stylers on a regular basis will take its toll on your hair. The shaft of the hair becomes damaged as moisture evaporates and bursts through the surface, causing roughness and frizz – not nice. So it’s worth investing in a heat protecting lotion or spray!

I will get a trim more often

-         Split ends makes your hair look dull and if you don’t get them trimmed, it will go in deeper and you would have to cut more of your hair! So get those split ends trimmed.


I will stop biting my nails

-         Bitten nails are ugly so try very hard to give up this bad habit! Buy an anti-biting nail polish if you need. Also, keep an emery board in your hand bag so you can file any snags and resist the temptation to tidy the edges with your teeth!

I will take care of my cuticles

-         The skin around the nails tends to get a little abused, with all the hard work, harsh water and cold weather they are subject to. Rub cuticle oil on the skin and nails to hydrate them. And don’t cut your cuticle, just push it back!

I will allow time for polish to dry

-         Waiting for nail polish to dry is difficult, no matter how hard you try, but there is no excuse for messy nails. If you don’t like waiting, either use nail polishes that dry fast or use a quick-drying spray.

Please let me know about you beauty resolutions!!

Denise xx