Saturday, March 24, 2012

Backstage at Runway: Meet Karen Schembri Grima- Head Make Up Artist!

Hi Guys!

So as you all know from our previous posts, facebook etc, we were invited to cover the Make Up at Runway Malta.

We were thrilled to be able to go backstage and have an exclusive look at the application of the Make Up before it goes on the Runway!! We also had the privilege to get to know and meet the Fabulous Karen Schembri Grima who was the head Make Up artist at Runway Malta.

We  had the opportunity to ask Karen some questions regarding her career and also her inspiration for the Make  Up applied at Runway!

The Fabulous Team: How did you start out in the make up industry and why did you decide to take make up on as a career?

Karen Schembri Grima: For me it all started with my passion for Art. I studied Art in Secondary school and moved on to the Art and Design Centre as my post secondary studies. I found a niche in make up where basic artistic knowledge is not only applicable but fundamental with one twist, a different medium....make up! At first I used to do make up as a hobby for television, theater, weddings, fashion shoots and the like. Eventually borders started to widen and loved body painting and working on movies. I decided to take the plunge and do what I loved doing most as a career, make up!

The Fabulous Team: Could you tell us about your fantastic make up career?

Karen Schembri Grima: In these past two years I have worked on Game of Thrones for HBO and the Sinbad for Sky HD1, where on the latter the Designer handed me the responsibility of the main Actor....Sinbad.

Where as in fashion you look forward, as to setting trends, the type of films we attract to our shores are period stories, requiring us to travel back in time. The diversity from one job to another is incredible. It is impossible to get bored and I love the mix as it keeps me on my toes.

Take a look at Karen in action at Runway!

The Fabulous Team: Where did your inspiration for the make up for the different designers come from and what make up trends have you incorporated in your designs?

Karen Schembri Grima: Every designer had a different look including the contenders of the Fashion Clash Designer competition have different make up designs. Some of the contenders had even 3 different make up designs, one for every model.The main inspiration was definitely the designers and their collections, the story behind each piece, the emotions they want to express. We discussed their ideas and then morphed it into something new. The diversity between one collection to another is immense, so is the make up!The make up trends we had were quite particular and varied! From wine stained lips, to mainly the dominant subdued eyebrows and eyelashes, where the main highlight become the lips and more importantly the collection itself. The make up is not overpowering but complimenting the collections. I felt this was very important. But this changed from one designer to another. We also had one collection that had 50's make up. 

The Fabulous Team: What advice would you give up and coming make up artists?

Karen Schembri Grima: One advice I would straight forward give to up coming make up artists is 'less is more'. Better keep it a tad less then go over the top!

A big Thanks to Karen for giving us the opportunity to see her and her team in action during Runway and for taking time to answer our questions!! 

Stay tuned for each individual Runway show including exclusive make up designs by Karen!

Martina & Denise xoxo

The Fabulous Team

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