Monday, April 9, 2012

Tried and Tested: Colour & Go Nail Polishes

Hey Guys!!

Today I have a review of one of my favourite products!!

Basically I tested out 6 out of the 9 nail polishes that I bought.

First of all, the colours I bought are the following:

  • No More Drama
  • Break Through
  • Blue Addicted
  • Modern Romance
  • Time for Romance
  • Where is the Party?
  • Irreplaceable
  • Meet me Now!
  • Date with the Night

No More Drama
Break Through
Blue Addicted- Tips
Modern Romance
Time for Romance
Where is the Party?
Meet me Now!
Date with the Night

The following is essence Colour & Go in Fateful Desire which my colleague was sporting so I took a photo of the colour to show it to you!
Fateful Desire

How the product performs:

Pigmentation: After one coat most of these nail polishes aren't very pigmented however 2 coats is enough as you can see from all the above pictures which are just two coats of polish.

Longevity:  As I mentioned before, I tested 6 out of the 9 polishes. I basically applied the polishes in the following manner: I filed the nails and went over the nail bed with the filer and I applied two coats of the nail polish without any top coat and I tested how long they stayed. On average the minimum amount of time that my nails were in tact before chipping was one week however some of these polishes even stayed for a week and a half! Quite impressive!

On the whole, these polishes are very very good polishes, apart from the fact that the colours are very on trend! One thing that I didn't like about these polishes is that the ones which have glitters are very hard to get off therefore you would need A LOT of nail polish remover and a filer to file the nail polish off!

I hope you like this review!! 

Martina XOXO


  1. didn't know 'Modern Romance' looked that good! xx

  2. Love the swatches Mar! I have most of these and Irreplaceable & Blue Addicted are two of my faves. I would recommend you to get Choose Me which is a nice blue base green packed with small gold shimmers.

  3. nice thanks for the swatches, from where do you get to buy these? The essence stands I usually visit are most of the time not stocked up

  4. @ Lara B- Same here!!

    @ Lara A- I'll give it a look, thanks xxx

    @ Delicia- I go to Tony's Pharmacy in Gzira/ Sliema it's the biggest stand in Malta!