Thursday, August 2, 2012

An EPIC Event!!! Essence + Catrice September Collection Launch Blogger Party!!

Hi Guys!!!

Today was a truly mind blowing day!! Denise and I were invited to an AWESOME event!! The launch of the new essence and Catrice products to hit Maltese stores in September!

We would first and foremost like to thank the lovely Daniela from Pharma MT who was extremely generous with us and very very patient with everyone!! (Poor thing we went a little out of control at times ;-))

First off we have been curious about this event for over a month so we were really looking forward to today. Upon arriving at Pharma MT, we were greeted sweet (literally) stands of the new Catrice Limited Edition collections:

Catrice Cruise Couture Limited Edition Collection

Coolibri by Catrice Collection
We then moved into a big room filled with a number of essence trend edition stands and a huge table filled with make up!

Daniela then informed us that we what see, we can take!! The purpose of this was that we were given a detailed description about what we will be expecting in stores and we could try them out and keep for ourselves.

We will go into what you will be expecting in September in a later post!!

A number of essence and Catrice new products we could test out!
An essence nail polish surprise... we will tell you soon ;-)
Lara from Every Beauty Addict's Bible!
Our very own Den Den!
Daniela explaining the new essence and Catrice range!
Dyna, the event's mascot ;-)
Bloggers rampage of the Trend edition collections!
Denise and her essence cupcake <3
Swatch of a cool blue lipgloss from the Catrice Cruise Couture collection!
Our fabulous gift bags and product information booklets!
Hope you enjoyed this post! We will be sharing what we got in a later post!!

Thank you again to Daniela and Pharma MT for this opportunity, we were really grateful for your invite!


o.b.o The Fabulous Team! XOXO

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