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Fabulous Preview: Catrice Limited Edition Collections-Update: OUT NOW!

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Our fourth and final installment of the September 2012 essence and Catrice collections.

This time we will show you Limited Edition collections by Catrice which I have seen at Health Plus- University of Malta.

You will enjoy two Limited edition collections namely, Cruise Couture and Coolbri by Catrice.

Catrice Cruise Couture Limited Edition Collection

This collection is inspired by the Cote d'Azur! As you can see all colours are very nautical! This collection has a number of different products which you can get your hands on!

A total of 5 nail polishes are part of this collection! The packaging of these nail polishes are similar to the normal Catrice line however they all have white ship wheels printed on them. Denise and I got three out of the five nail polishes which you may see swatched below.
Catrice Limited Edition Cruise Couture Collection-Ultimate Nail Laquer in  01 Hi, Society!, 03 Welcome to Pink Tropez, 04 Feel the Yaucht Beat

Catrice Limited Edition Cruise Couture collection in 02 Jetsetter and 05 Nautica

The eyeshadow palette for this collectionhas a total of five colours, all eyeshadows have a shimmery finish as you may see in the swatches below.
Catrice Limited Edition Cruise Couture collection- Eyeshadow Palette
The mascara that is part of this collection was actually part of the regular Catrice line. This mascara promises volume and length and comes in a waterproof version, keeping to the sea theme of the collection.
Catrice Limited Edition Cruise Couture Collection- Lashes to Kill Waterproof Volume Mascara
A total of four lip products are available in this collection, however they have already been part of the Catrice range such as the Ultimate Shine Lipsticks in 110 Shy Flamingo ( I had already purchased this lipstick before) and 220 Mrs Brightside and the Lip Appeal in 060 Coralista, the new product which has been launched is the Lip Appeal lipgloss in 01 Welcome to Pink Tropez.
Catrice Limited Edition Cruise Couture Collection- Lip Appeal Lipgloss in 060 Coralista and Ultimate Shine Lipstick in 110 Shy Flamingo
Catrice Limited Edition Cruise Couture collection in Lip Appeal 01 Welcome to Pink Tropez and Ultimate Shine in 220 Mrs Brightside

A peach/ pink Defining Duo blush, 050 Apricot Smoothie, a product which also was part of the Catrice normal line, has also been included in this collection. I really like this type of blush since you can either choose one of the two colours or mix it up to create a new colour!
Catrice Limited Edition Cruise Couture collection- Defining Duo Blush in 050 Apricot Smoothie
The Catrice Gel eyeliners are probably one of the best eyeliners I ever used so I was excited to see that this collection included a new Navy Blue colour 01 Nautica, the finish as you can see from the below picture is simply divine, I am in love with this Gel Liner! Like the nail polishes, the pot sports the Ship Wheels.
Catrice Limited Edition Cruise Couture collection- Gel Eyeliner in 01 Nautica
Last but not least, if you're looking for a make up bag to take your make up essentials on your travels, this cute beauty bag is available for grabs! I have noticed however that the print is somewhat different to the beauty bag shown on the site. This bag although being small, it actually held all of my limited edition goodies quite well!
Catrice Limited Edition Cruise Couture Beauty Bag
Coolbri by Catrice Limited Edition Collection

Apart from having the Cruise Couture collection, we will be seeing another collection in stores come September! Coolbri by Catrice, a range inspired by the bright colours of the Amazon and all the bright tropical birds. In this collection, all the products are unique unlike the Cruise Couture collection therefore all the products sport a unique "birds in the forest" print.

The eyeshadow pen is a new concept created for this collection! Four stunning shimmery colours are part of this collection. We were lucky to get our hands on all four colours which you can see swatched below.
Coolbri by Catrice Limited Edition- Eyeshadow Pen in 01 Precious Nectar, 02 Birds Flying High, 03 Virgin Forest and 04 Exotica
 A radiant gold eyeliner is also part of this collection, again sporting the Coolbri packaging. The shade is 01 Precious Nectar.
Coolbri by Catrice Limited Edition- Golden Glow Eyeliner in 01 Precious Nectar
Four new innovative lip glosses are part of this collection having quite an interesting range of colours, the most innovative colour has to be the blue lipgloss which presumably makes your teeth look whiter!
Coolbri by Catrice Limited Edition- Nectar Gloss in 01 Birds Flying High and 02 Feathery Pink
Coolbri by Catrice Limited Edition- Nectar Gloss in 03 Gorgeous Blossom and 04 Exotica

Another innovative product, the Colour Refreshing Lip Balm which reacts to the normal pH level of the lips leaving you with a natural tint.
Coolbri by Catrice Limited Edition- Colour Refreshing Lip Balm
 A 2 in 1 tint which can be used on both your cheeks and lips leaving you with a long-lasting red shade. This Jelly Cheek Tint comes in 01 Abloom.
Coolbri by Catrice Limited Edition- Jelly Cheek Tint in 01 Abloom
 Last but not least, five vibrant nail colours sporting the five shades of the collection, we have swatched four out of the five available nail polishes seen below.
Coolbri by Catrice Limited Edition- Ultimate Nail Laquer in 01 Birds Flying High, 02 Twist of Lemon, 03 Abloom, 04 Exotica
Coolbri by Catrice Limited Edition- Ultimate Nail Laquer in 05 Virgin Forest

That is all for the Catrice Limited Edition collection coming out in September 2012. We hope you enjoyed these posts! Don't forget to check out:
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Denise & Martina

The Fabulous Team

*Disclaimer*: All products featured in this post were generously given to us by Pharma MT, distributors of essence and Catrice here in Malta. We were not paid to do this post or any reviews about essence or Catrice products. We are not affiliated with Pharma MT, essence or Catrice.


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