Thursday, January 31, 2013

Forever Living Meal Replacement Shakes

Hi guys!

I've always been a fan of protein/meal replacement shakes and I've tried quite a few brands over the years. Recently, I've become a districutor for Forever Living and needless to say, I just had to try their meal replacement shakes, which come in chocolate and vanilla flavours

Both taste very good but I prefer the chocolate flavour. I use soya milk (or any other milk substitute) to make the shake, as it's thicker in consistency and more filling. I like to freeze it for about half an hour to an hour prior drinking it.

I find it surprisingly very filling and when I take it as a breakfast at about 8:30am, I dont get hungry before lunch, no even peckish! When I have anything else for breakfast, I get hungry at about 10:30am!

I highly suggest these shakes for people wanting to lose or keep their weight! I hope they make more flavours !

If you need more information regarding this product, message me on our facebook page or on my Forever Living Products page!

I will review more Forever Living Products soon, including more weight los products, so stay tuned!


Denise o.b.o The Fabulous Team XOX

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