Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Diet Diaries- Update 2- Let's Do this!

Hey Guys!

Another two weeks have passed, you know what that means??

YES! I will get to know if I have lost more weight or not!!

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As you know, my first weigh in resulted in me loosing around 2.5 kgs and 2.5 inches off the hips and 0.5 inches off the lower hips.

These two weeks my diet was a bit different, my nutritionist gave me specific food to eat on certain days and leaving me open on other days. Also, I was given a free day on Easter, but I didn't want to ruin my progress and did not indulge too much!

These two weeks might have been a bit hard, as like any other diets, sometimes you do get the urge to indulge in something a bit sweet or have just a nibble of something especially when you are feeling down. Unfortunately I was a bit under the weather these past weeks but I was quite proud of myself since instead of comfort eating I looked at those sugary treats and said NO you will NOT get the best of me!!!

I managed to do this thanks to all the support and love that I am receiving from you guys and all of my friends, you have no idea how grateful I am for all your positive and supportive messages! You have no idea how much they have kept me going! Sometimes I log in and read and re-read your lovely comments! Apart from that I want to publicly thank my boyfriend Anthony for being my rock and cheering me on and always preparing some snacks and going out of his way when I don't have time!

This weigh in, I am feeling quite positive about, reason being is that some clothes are looking really good on me and apart from that, a lot of people are telling me that I am loosing weight, so it must be true! I actually looked at the latest OOTD I did, the one of the hat and I was not believing that the person on the screen was me!

I'm quite nervous since although I think I did lose weight, you can never tell before going on that weighing scale and having that inch tape wrapped around you showing you the actual numbers!

I have kept my word and have not gone on the weighing scale and measured myself! I love that element of surprise it brings with it! Apart from that I have my eye on a few pieces of clothing which I am still waiting for the right moment to try them on to see if they fit!

As per my last post, I am writing this on Monday in order to have an unbiased view. Today I am quite excited to see what tomorrow brings, so bring it on weighing scale, I am not afraid of you!!

Check out some of the snacks and food choices of the week! I do not take pictures of everything since I recycle some food ideas!
My Favourite Snack!
A Veggie Snack!
Omelet Death!
Aloha Jelly!
Chicken Omelet + Veg and Dessert!
Morning Cereal!
Light Lunch!
Diet Present- Yes, I did not have a kitchen scale! My life has become much more easier now!
My treat! A homemade Cannoli! 
Chicken "Omelet" + Dessert!
So, today I went for my second weigh in! Do you think I lost weight? Well see below!

This time round, I lost 1.4 kgs and 1 inch from everywhere, which is quite good! To be honest I was a bit disappointed since I thought I lost more weight but the nutritionist assured me that I am doing very well and that I probably did not lose more weight due to Easter and other factors which play a big role.

In all I am quite satisfied that after just one month of dieting I have lost this much weight! Apart from that I am over the moon that I went down 3.5 inches from my hips!! 

Since I write everything that I eat, my nutritionist knows exactly what I eat, funnily enough I got a little "scolded" (not really :-p) for not eating enough bread and pasta!

I also asked about my Target Weight, however, she told me it is too early to give me a target weight but she has told me an idea of how much I need to lose, however, since for now it is not a target I need to hit "officially", I'm not going to write the target down since for now it's just loosing weight and seeing where it gets me.

In the next two weeks I have a similar diet to what I have been eating but I have another few different things!

Is anyone else dieting at the moment? How are you doing? I would love to hear from you!

Martina XOXO

o.b.o The Fabulous Team


  1. Well done Martina and slow progress is better than no progress at all ;)

    1. thank you dear!! Yay didn't realise you re-started your weight loss blog!! xxx def following it! xx