Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fabulous Hauls: MAKK!!

Hey Guys!!

So, if you have been following our Facebook page, you know I had a little surprise for Denise!

This surprise turned out to be a customized mug from MAKK, a new handmade store!!

How did MAKK come to life?

Three MCAST Art and Design students reading for a degree in BA (Hons) 3D and Interiors came up with an innovative idea to express their artistic skills in order to make some pocket money in order to travel after graduating this year!

They found affordable mugs which allowed them to make a good profit margin and decided to design 10 different mugs at first, took some photos and made a Facebook page for fun! Little did they know that in 4 hours, they hit a 100 likes and got 8 orders, quite impressive!!

Jessica Cauchi, Sarah Scudamore and Kirsty Vella are the brains behind this innovative venture, only just 21 years of age and to date they have designed and hand painted 300 mugs between them in just a month of opening!

How did the name MAKK arise? Due to the lovely Menglish (Maltese/ English) accent of a lady shouting "FEJNHOM IL-MAKKIJET?!", the girls thought it would be quite catchy to use, little did they know that this would be a great branding strategy were they have literally re-invented the way people refer to their Makks (mugs)

When I found this page by accident, I went nuts over these MAKKs, these girls are very very talented! Apart from that I am a sucker for anything creative so I had to get a customized Makk pronto apart from the fact that I am addicted to Tea!

I had an idea to get a customized MAKK representing our blog so I sent MAKK a message on Facebook with what I had in mind: 

I soon received a message from the lovely Jess who basically informed me how the system works:

You give a basic concept of what you want, be it an occasion, something specific etc, then they will surprise you with the outcome! You can also choose to buy a normal MAKK or a Super MAKK!

Since I have an anniversary coming up, I decided to make a cutesy MAKK for my boyfriend, Jess gave me an idea of two interlinking MAKKs with a Romeo and Juliet Scene.

Apart from that, my colleague wanted to buy a MAKK for another colleague of ours sporting Grumpy Cat!

I was very surprised with the outcome of these MAKKs, they came out way better than what I expected. I loved the element of surprise since when I opened them, they exceeded my expectations!

Check out all the MAKKs below!! I definitely recommend that you visit their Facebook page and check out all their other MAKKs!

Grumpy Cat MAKK
Romeo and Juliet MAKKs
All Things Fabulous Super MAKKs
Martina XOXO


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