Thursday, June 13, 2013

OOTD: I've got the colour!

Hey Guys!

The weather has been getting quite hot lately, so I decided to yet again, to step out of my comfort zone, more about my first step here: 

I'm usually quite hesitant to wear shorts, why? Well, my legs don't look good if I don't wear heels with my shorts, however, that was 10 kgs ago! I am still not a 100% there yet, you know I still have those insecurities, but we're getting there, baby steps, baby steps!

So last Sunday, we had a photo shoot, more on that very soon!! So since it was quite hot and I felt like wearing my brand new Paisley bandeau and hot pink shorts, I said why not! This outfit was tres comfortable and I felt quite good in it. Sometimes we doubt how much clothes can lift your spirits, and believe me, I needed some lifting up these past few days!

I've got the colour!
New Look Hot Pink High Waisted Shorts
Jane Norman White Sheer Sleeveless Shirt
New Look Blue Paisley Bandeau
Shana Blue Cardigan
Accessorize Sling Clutch
New Look Houndstooth flats
Morgan Watch
Floral Bangles- Present from India
Asos Earrings
Tally Weijl Rose Gold Sunglasses

What do you think? Am I rocking the shorts look? Should I invest in more shorts?

Martina XOXO


  1. Looking good ;) And yes you should! :D

    Marija from

    1. Thank you deary, I'll bug you in 8 days to help me choose some nice shorts ;)

  2. Looks comfortable and pretty. Glad you got your ego boost, it's so important!


    1. This outfit was very very comfortable!! Getting there, getting there hehe :)

  3. You looking good lovey :D 'Course you getting there :) As you said, baby steps! x

    1. thank you my dear, you know you are part of the reason why I am getting there ux? xx

  4. =O loving the colour contrast!
    keep up the great work dear =] xx