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Fabulous Events- Caps and Stone- Yana's Jewellery and LD collaboration!

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As you know last week was full of awesome events! One of which was the great collaboration event by Yana's Jewellery and LD (Yana and Luisa's ventures respectively) called 'Caps and Stones'!

I was joined by my good friend Sarah Jane from Make Up by Sarah Jane.

I absolutely enjoyed this event, especially viewing the lovely displays Yana and Luisa set up. I would like to point out that Yana and Luisa did not coordinate the pieces they were displaying but the displays were so in sync, it was like the two brands just went together perfectly!

I had the opportunity to ask the ladies a few questions regarding this event and their career. Check out the interview and some pictures from the event below.

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How did you get started in this industry?

Yana: My obsession for collecting stacks of bangles and necklaces from around the world inspired me towards designing my own. My family history in jewellery making stems back many years which has been a tribute to my underlying passion too.

Luisa: I started two Christmases ago, the same year that I graduated. I bought a stock of scarves and began to hand paint and bead them. I then designed two collections for Camilleri Paris mode using their fabric. Last winter I even made capes and scarves for men. This Summer I wanted to bring out a collection, but obviously I could not do scarves so I made tops and caps instead which I hand paint myself.

Can you tell me a little bit about your designs and inspiration behind them?

Yana: All my designs are handmade and I simply love incorporating semi-precious stones, material and chain in one. The use of wire makes every piece look richer and bolder. I am deeply inspired by the vibrant feel of Indian, gypsy, hippie and African jewellery. I find that the general colours within these regions are truly free, in the sense that one can see multiple combinations of different stones, gems and materials come together. 

Luisa: Since I don't just do fashion design, I often get inspired from other things which are not related. For this collection, the patterns are playful and are a contemporary take on some classic fleur de lys patterns. I had actually used these 'shapes' for a lamp which I had once designed and made. I do some research on what colours are in fashion for the season and then I just have fun with it. Each top is a unique design, I do not mass produce as a matter of fact. I look at every piece as a work of art, I like to think of my designs as wearable art.

How did you decide to collaborate together? 

Yana: Luisa and I have been knowing each for quite some time now . When Luisa launched her scarf collection I simply fell in love with her work.  I had kept her in mind till this very day. After settling down at my new shop, I felt it was time to organize a joint event to incorporate different types of fashion design, and I chose to work with Luisa. I was extremely impressed by the result.

Luisa: Yana and I have been friends for a while now and always spoke about our passion for design and fashion. When I brought out this collection, Yana approached me to do something together and I immediately loved the idea. I am a great fan of her work and thought it would be fun to work with her. However I think both of us were pleasantly surprised at how well our designs worked together. Whilst setting up the shop we both were very excited at how they brought out the best in each others. I think we both knew it would work, but I don't think we realized to what extent.

How did you decide on the concept of the event? 

Yana: My Boy friend Nigel Anastasi, who is a graphic designer at 2POINT3, came up with the whole idea of “Caps and Stones”. Nigel designed the banner and it made a huge hit with the girls.

Luisa: Nigel Anastasi from 2 point 3 came up with theme. He designed the flyer and said that we needed to name the event. It was short and sweet and had a nice ring to it.

Will we be seeing more collaborations from you?

Yana: The Caps and Stones event was a very good start to future events at my shop. I will definitely consider organizing more fashion related events and Luisa will definitely be one of them.

Luisa: At this point I do not know what the future holds, however it was a great success so possibly yes.

Thank you ladies for your time to answer my questions and thank you for the invite! I wish you all the best in your ventures!

Yana and Luisa
Beautiful caps and t-shirts from LD and Jewellery from Yana's jewllery
My favourite pieces of the night- Luisa is quite known for her floral designs
LD Tshirt
Are you Green with envy? Beautiful pieces!
Beautiful display
These two pieces go together like bread and butter!
Pieces from Yana's collection
Stunning Display!
Of caps and chains ;)
Beautiful details
I couldn't go to this event without supporting one of the contributors, so I obviously had to wear my favourite piece of jewellery ever, my statement bead necklace from Yana's Jewellery!

New Look Maxi Dress
Yana's Jewellery Bead Statement Necklace
Tally Weijl Gold Studs
Primark Mint Clasp bracelet
Peacocks Sandals

Should you wish to view this collection, Luisa will be displaying her Caps and Tshirts till Saturday at Yana's Jewellery which is located at Msida, down the road from Junior College!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Martina XOXO

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