Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fabulous Events: NYX Bloggers Opening!

Hey Guys,

I hope you are well!

Last week was full of awesome events, the first of which was the NYX Bloggers Opening Event!

As you know or probably don't know, around 3 years ago, I used to do a youtube channel before moving to blogging and that is where I discovered NYX. One of my subscribers had sent me a few products, which included a NYX lipstick, a lipstick which till this day is probably one of my top lipsticks! I also had the opportunity to visit a NYX stand at IMATS. 

I was stocked when I got to know that NYX is coming to Malta, so when I received the invite to the opening when I was abroad, I immediately replied accepting the invitation.

As soon as I entered the store, I was mind blown by the set up of the store. The store has a chic and elegant element, with a lovely backdrop of white and black hues with products all around the shop and a gorgeous chandelier just on top of the cash.

Photo Courtesy of NYX Facebook Page
The store has three levels, all of which has their own function. The ground floor consists of a number of products sectioned off depending on Face, Eyes, Lips and Nails. Check out some pictures which I took on the ground floor. As you can see from all the pictures, one can test all the products since testers are provided, also all areas are labeled with the product name and price.

The area which impressed me the most was the nails area, since not only can you find a number of colours but there are more colours stored in the compartments underneath the show area.

Nails, glorious nails!
Cream Blushes
Face Products
Lip Heaven
Brushes and Lashes (+ yummy macaroons) 
More of the nail area
Eye Make Up Heaven
The basement area, is a chic area where make up can be done for you. Downstairs, one can see all the palettes which NYX have, all displayed on the number of make up stations together with a showcase cabinet. You can also view some catalogues of all the NYX products available.

A number of palettes
More Palettes and a NYX face charts were all the products used can be written down for clients
Showcase Cabinets
Showcase cabinets
The first level, was a showcase of a number of cases. I heard that NYX cases are super handy and look absolutely chic and classy at the same time!

Two of the cases
Upstairs, we also had the opportunity to take a number of pictures with all the bloggers present at the event, before showing you these pictures, I want to send out some love to all the bloggers that were present:

 "Be Fierce, Be Fabulous"... all things fabulous :-p
With the lovely ladies (From Left: Reb, Kylie, Me, Lara, Dyna (+ little pupa ;))
Me with my lovely love Marija and my to be "cousin in law in law"  Kylie:-p
All the lovely bloggers (Top from left: Sarah Jane, Me, Rhi, Dorianne, Kylie, Lorraine, Marija, Jasmine, Dyna & Steph, Bottom from left: Lara, Reb, Marija & Elle)
The fabulous goodie bag!
This was by far one of the funnest events I have been to, not only did I have the opportunity to see all these lovely ladies again, and believe me, these ladies are a hoot! But I really enjoyed going round the shop and chatting to Kida, one of the store's owners, who was very helpful and a joy to speak to!

I highly encourage you to visit the NYX store which is in Sliema just across Morgan.

Martina XOXO


  1. thanks for the mention dear. great post! I should actually include that list in my post too, but i'll do that tomorrow.