Thursday, October 17, 2013

Diet Diaries- Update 15- Everybody's Changing

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all well!

The diet diaries are a bit late this week due to the fact that I went for my weigh in today!

If you don't know what I am talking about, check out my last update here:
or start from the very beginning, i.e. rewind to 7 months ago and check out my journey up till now:

ALOT has happened during these past two weeks... if you have seen my latest post, you know that I recently changed my job and things are now looking up in my life! To cut a long story short, I was actually going to go back to school, however, that didn't work out but God works in mysterious ways and a new opportunity has presented itself.

Due to many changes, I had little time to actually eat and I had alot of gaps in my eating habits, in fact I was missing on my snacks ALOT, something which did affect my weight loss as you will see below.

At this point in time, 7 months in the making, I am now wearing size 10-12 (shifting towards size 10) and all my winter clothes are now literally falling off me! Please note I was a size 14 when this journey began!

A few days ago I visited a warehouse sale which I had also visited last year, however, this time it was different! Last year I was afraid that nothing fits (since I couldn't try on anything) and some of the clothes I had bought didn't fit for months! This year, everything FIT like a glove, something I am very proud of.

Why am I saying all this? At times I used to look at myself in the mirror and say hey, I look ok, I don't look that fat and I don't need to lose weight but deep down inside, I knew that wasn't right! Or else, I would say something on the lines of, that doesn't fit? It's ok I'll lose weight (little did I know that I probably would never do it)

Another thing which I want to tell you is that saying that to yourself is OK... it takes time to actually admit that you are not ok with how you look and to actually get up and do something about it... it took me a good 5-8 years to actually do something about my weight!

Anywho, enough with my blabbing, I decided to share a particular dish I cooked which was very quick and easy to do.

Parma Ham Parcels 

Items Needed:

Parma Ham Slices
Chicken Strips

For this dish, I decided to try out this particular recipe with and without chicken.

1. Lay out as many pieces of parma ham on a small tray, in this case, I used 4 pieces
2. At this stage, you may opt to lay out a few chicken strips starting from one end of the parma ham piece till you fill up around a quarter of the piece.
3. If you decide not to include the chicken, you may substitute it by using a small tomato, repeat step 2.
4. Grab a teaspoon of pesto and place over the chicken or tomato
5. Place some mozzarella on top of everything, don't do it too thick though!
6. Grab the Parma Ham end without any toppings and place it on top of the toppings, however you should have some cms of parma ham... turn it around and fold on top.
7. Place the parcels in the oven for a few minutes 5-10 minutes is enough or when you see that the mozzarella has melted.
8. Enjoy!

So how did I do these 2 weeks?

Well... I only lost 100g... however, since I usually get weighed in the morning, this means that I actually weigh 3 quarters of a kilo less. With regards to inches, I stayed the same!

Nothing big, however, I know that since I didn't do a lot of effort I could have easily reached my target by now!

Anyways, challenges are not all easy are they?

Martina XOXO

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