Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week 2014- Bridal Fashion Show

Day 5 of the Mercedes- Benz Malta Fashion Week hosted my second favourite yearly event, the Bridal Collection!

As a little girl and as a big girl too, I was always fascinated by wedding dresses. I just love the elegancy, sophistication and glamour a wedding dress represents!

This is my third bridal show and I must say that it gets better and better every year!

This year, not only did we see spectacular designs, however, we saw designs by three wedding fashion houses, giving us the opportunity to admire three different unique styles and designs each having an individual flair!

This event was supported by the Mediterranean Conference Centre (MCC) which actually hosted the event, a location which I particularly quite like having attended numerous events both fashion and music related and I have always admired how majestic the location is!

Alistair Floral Design created beautiful bouquets for the blushing "brides", Tatiana Faberge at Vascas made them sparkle whilst Hansa Wines and Spirits, Island Caterers and Kombi took care of the guests at the reception held after the show.

The three wedding fashion houses included Wedding Bells, Pronovias and Loredana Roccasalva.

Hair was beautifully styled in true Bridal fashion by Steve Vella from Cutting Edge and Matthew & Roderick Castillo's Hair Salon. Make Up was done by Elaine Galea and her team.

Wedding Bells

The Wedding Bells Bridal collection kick started the show with a number of beautiful gowns made from the finest bridal fabrics and excellent workmanship!

This collection included a little bit of everything from princess ball gowns to mermaid dresses to tea lengths, every bridal silhouette imaginable was fit to perfection on each model. One dress had an extra special surprise since together with the model a little flower girl posed in a sweet flower girl white and rose gold striped dress.

A number of traditional white and ivory gowns were present, however, a number of rose gowns were also present in this collection.

Each gown has its on speciality, having a number of intricate details from small crystal accents to more prominent crystal accents to lace, floral and feather details. This collection was very nature inspired having many floral and leaf accents present in their designs together with feather details and butterfly accents on some of the dresses.

What I particularly liked about this collection is that the veils were also special in their own way having certain accents such as lace and dainty floral accents. What was interesting about these veils was that there were certain special veils which contained elements which you probably rarely see paired together with a veil such as the combination of a floral headpiece and veil. Another accent I absolutely loved were small butterflies which were accented on the veil.

The fronts of these dresses were in themselves beautiful to look at with  high neck accents with sheer lace and beaded accents, floral and feather accents, detailed sleeves and blinged out straps, however, the backs were just as beautiful as the front! Cut out backs with intricate detailing and hanging crystals, long trains and exquisite design.


Last year, I had the opportunity to view Pronovias 2014 collection at last year's Fashion Week, a collection which blew me away! This year, the collection is even more special since the current collection Elie is designed by Elie Saab together with Pronovias' creative team!

This year's collection focuses on sticking to the classics adding more enduring lines, detailing, colour and exciting fabric choices.

The designs featured a number of lace, beading and chiffon detailing, some accents featured more than others.

Dresses ranged from silk to chiffon to pure white bridal material. Colours were mostly white and ivory, however, crystal adorned dresses changed colour depending on how the light hit them due to the nature of their sparkleness!

Sleeve and back details were quite prominent in this collection, having an intricate lace design on one particular dress whilst another had chiffon rouging giving that oomph on a relatively simple dress.

Bling was very prominent in this collection having many dresses blinged out to the last inch, adorned with crystals, these dresses literally looked like a million bucks!

Loredana Roccasalva

Last but not least, we had the Sicilian designer Loredana Roccasalva who showcased her bridal and evening wear collection. Apart from today's showcase, Loredana will soon be Malta bound since she is set to open a studio locally soon.

The entire collection is very influenced by Sicilian and Italian traits, made in it's home land, the product itself remains the true creation of handicraft and tailoring, keeping the motto "Raggiungibile contemporaneo" at heart.

The colour scheme for the bridal portion of the collection was white, ivory or eggshell, however, one particular bridal dress went against the norms since it donned a navy blue hue.

The bridal dresses had a very big lace influence, staying true to the typical Sicilian wedding dress, having a number of different materials layered reminding me of a gypsy styled dress. The veils, apart from having a headband affect were also adorned with lace details or were otherwise full lace.

Two pieces which stuck out were unique in their own ways. One dress in particular had a number of brownish feather just on the waistline of the dress. Another piece that stuck out was a tailored kimono and pant suit number with blue floral details.

Lace,  silk, chiffon, intricate details and detailed sewing were as prominent in the evening wear collection. Having most of the models donning lace gloves in both collections. Models graced the catwalk with elegant dresses, ball gowns, kimono style tops and pencil skirts.

All in all, this was one fantastic show, making the little girl inside me run wild with her imagination!

Until tomorrow!

Martina XOXO

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